The right banner stand in the right place at the right time can have a huge impact for your business. It can seem nigh on impossible to have these three variables – banner stand, position and timing – lined up for the perfect impact but, with a selection of banner stands available from Colour Graphics it is a distinct possibility.


But, how do you make the right choice of banner stand? What factors do you need to consider?

#1 The Event

The type of event you are hosting will, to a certain extent, inform the style and type of banner stand you will opt for. Within this you will need to consider the suitability of the banner stand material.

For example, events that are held outdoors will need a banner stand that is specific for outdoor use. The stand material is made from fabrics and fixings that are better at withstanding the elements. For example, sun has a bleaching effect on the print therefore, after only a few hours in the sun, the print, text and graphics will have faded.

Wind can be destructive too, soon rendering a banner stand in tatters. Neither of these looks are the right impression for your business.

Opt for the right quality of banner stand for your event and only use stands that are specifically for outdoor use.

#2 Single or double sided

Most people are aware that banner stands come with single sided panels but, did you know you can get them double-sided too? This can be incredibly useful in some situations and can make for double the advertising space, without the clutter of more than one stand in a space.

For example, you may want certain information displayed on one side pointing out from your premises, but you may want a different message on the banner stand panel as people leave your premises.

Although more expensive, considering a double sided banner stand can make a real difference.

#3 Quantity

Banner stands are a cost-effective means of being able to communicate essential information to customers, potential customers, fans and followers. You will need to decide how many banner stands will be needed in order that this important information is clear, legible and visible.

For example, if your retail unit has more than one point of entry or exit, why not have duplicate banner stands at both? You may also want to dot them around the store or space, and include some in changing rooms and so on.

Too many, however, can make your sales space feel cluttered. Too much information in the eye line of the consumer means that they will not focus on the information being given.

#4 Size

From the large, long lean banner stands to those extra wide, and interlocking stands, there is a range of banner stands that are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Many businesses use the larger banner stands as a means of creating sections within a space, as well as an effective backdrop to an exhibition stand or pop up shop. The space is ripe for all kinds of designs and information but, keeping in mind the dimensions of a space is important too.

For example, too big a stand in a small space will dwarf it but using banners that are too small – and too few – in a larger space can leave them looking lost.

#5 Frequency of use

Another aspect that you need to consider – but is often forgotten – is how often you will be using the banner stands.

If they are to be used and moved only once in a while, then cheaper versions of banner stands can suffice. If you intend taking the banner stands on the conference circuit, it will pay to opt for a better quality banner stand. The rolling mechanism on the stands will be much more robust and able to cope regular use.

#6 And finally, budget

Banner stands are undoubtedly cost-effective. For a mere few pounds, you can purchase a good quality stand, with a panel that can be replaced as and when needed.

For a few extra pounds, you can opt for banner stands that can withstand the outdoors and the weather. For a few extra pounds on top of this, you could opt for a stand with double side panels and you can also afford, in most cases, to buy more than one stand for effective promotion at an event.

This money will be wasted, however, if you do not buy the right stand, for the right place and at the right time. However, get these six basic factors in order, and your banner stands will have a return of investment that you never expected.