The roller banner can bring so many benefits to a business, event, conference, trade show and so on that it is hard to imagine why you would not invest in one. With great eye-catching design, they can really make your business stand out.

But, they can also make your business stand out for the wrong reasons. How many times have you seen banners and roller banners frayed around the edges and flapping about in the wind? This is not drawing attention to a business, but rather drawing attention to the material that is failing miserably in an environment for which it was not intended.

And this is why you must choose the right marketing tools for the right job.


Quality of the banner

In order to get the best from your banner, there are a few factors of which you need to be aware. Refreshingly, in some ways, this is not just about budget because if you want your banner to do splendid things, such as withstand the weather then you simply must choose the best quality material, which as you would expect, will cost more.

The factors that will help determine the right roller banner for you:

  • Price – the cost of the banner stand is a pretty important measuring stick when it comes to deciding if the product in front of you is the right one for you. Generally speaking, the smaller the price, the lower the quality. So, you might be getting a bargain but, if it ripped to shreds by the wind and rain, or bleached by the sun within days of it being outside your business, it is money wasted.
  • Frequency of use – if you are choosing a roller banner for short term, one-off use then the cheaper, economy option could be the perfect solution. However, if you are going to be using them regularly or frequently, then opting for a better quality product will pay dividends. Some of the more premium range of products can have the banner changed frequently too, new feet bought for the stand and so on. Also, the internal roller mechanism is of higher quality thus, less likely to fail with constant use.
  • Weight – clearly, you want something that can be handled easily but with these kind of banners, the lighter they are, the flimsier the roller mechanism and stand will be. A budget stand will weight around 3kg and the heavier weight, premium stands almost double. That said, there is no real difference when you are carrying the stand and most people find the premium stands easy to carry and move about etc.
  • Ease of use – you don’t want to be setting up at a tradeshow or market, for example, and spend longer than a few minutes putting the roller banner stand up (and down at the end of the day). Neither do you want to be fiddling, putting things together and generally becoming frustrated with the whole thing. Look for small, but important details such as a telescopic pole to help with adjusting the height on the banner.
  • Transportation – you may think this an odd factor but stay with us on this one. Smaller companies or sole traders will tend to transport their roller banners in their car but, larger companies with agents across the country may courier their stands between one place and another. A lower quality, cheaper stand will be fine being transported by car but, will not withstand being couriered on a regular basis (imagine being squashed by all those other parcels too!). Therefore, if you are expecting pretty robust things from your banner stand, prepare to spend more money on it.

So, price has it every time?

There is a direct correlation between price and quality when it comes to banner stands, more so if you are planning on using the banners outdoors – even if this is going to be once – as the weather can easily destroy a roller banner:

Material – many businesses use their banner stand outside and there is a difference in the quality of the material, as well as the roller banner itself in most cases. The material used is far more robust and far thicker too, without compromising on the quality of the print.

Base – the base of the roller banner will obviously need to be heavier too, thus a weighted base can make the difference between the roller banner staying put or falling over in the first gust of wind.

Are roller banners perfect for everyone and every situation?

Yes… providing you are prepared to spend the money and time choosing the right roller banner for the job. Consider what you want to use it for, and why you need it. You might also want to question if the roller banner is the right piece of kit. If you are convinced that it is, you will need to ensure you choose the right quality product too.