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5 Postcard Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Offline marketing, Tips

A marketing campaign needs to evoke positive emotions in people.   It needs to be tactile and be able to identify a problem and present the solution. At best, it creates a longing in the consumer that is strong enough to convert them from a recipient to a buying customer. There are many ways in […]


A Simple Guide to Lighting your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition, Exhibition Stands, Tips

What springs to mind when planning, designing and creating an effective exhibition stand?   No doubt you will be concentrating all your efforts on making the stand as attractive, informative and intriguing as possible. These are the three things that pull delegates and customers to take a closer look. In a large exhibition hall, rammed […]

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5 Tips to Nailing Your Store Signage


It is a more common phenomenon than you think. Poor signage examples are everywhere and no doubt you have experienced a few yourself. We have seen… Shop fronts plastered with signs that are far from welcoming, including ‘no food and drink in the shop’, ‘no mobile phones/laptops/tablets’, ‘no crowds of young people’, ‘leave pushchairs outside’ […]


10 Tips for Writing Effective Flyers from A1 to A5


The flyer is an important promotional tool, one used by many businesses from start-ups to global corporations. With the right content presented well, it can be the tool that really makes your business, product or service stand out. Or, it can sink without trace, barely being noticed by your target audience. Writing an effective flyer […]

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Buck the Trend with Wood Printing


Sometimes you need something different when it comes to business materials. But this ‘something different’ can instantly make it out of your league in terms of the budget you have available to spend. There is, however, a possibility of introducing something different without bankrupting your business and that is wood printing. And it’s growing in […]

graph to show what makes a successful business

Marketing ideas for small business – A beginner’s guide

Small Business, Tips

Starting a business is a busy, stressful and exciting time. Running your own business is exhilarating and frightening in equal measure. You will have many a sleepless night, thinking over decisions and fearing the future, just as you will lose sleep over all the exciting things that are happening.   Bringing in paying customers is […]

pop up shop display

The Art of a Pop up Shop Display

pop up shops, Small Business, Tips

  The pop-up shop is on trend; customers flock to these temporary retail units looking for a bargain as well as for products and goods that they may not normally be able to purchase on their local high street. But, apart from the goods you sell, there is something else that can make or break […]

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Offline marketing for your online business

Offline marketing, Tips

There can be no business who is not online, not if they consider themselves to be serious contenders in the industry that they are in. And yet, even if you are an online business, gaining the majority of your customers through the buying power of the online shopper, you still need some level of offline […]

christmas cards

How Christmas Cards Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising, Tips

The humble Christmas card can mean so much. Personally, it can be a time that you hear from family and friends in far-flung places. They have the ability to spread, warmth, happiness and news. Business Christmas cards can have the same effect, and staying in touch with your clients is becoming much more important. Marketing […]

estate agent signs sold

6 Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Marketing & Advertising, Small Business, Tips

  Marketing your estate agency business can be tricky, but there are many things you can do to make sure that advertising your services to clients is successful. There are many things to consider, from ensuring you have an eye-catching logo to having a well designed ‘For Sale’ sign. If you feel in a rut […]


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