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Letter and Envelope

5 Creative Ideas for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Marketing & Advertising, Tips

Direct mail campaigns are targeted promotional activities that get right to your customer. But sending mail to a database of customers is does not guarantee success. Like other promotional campaigns, it needs to be well thought out and designed. This needs to be backed by a strategy that clearly shows what return on investment you […]

advertising banner

When, Where and How to use Pop-Up Banners to Generate More Business

Banners, Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising, Tips, Uncategorized

  Banners are a fantastic way to get your business noticed. High-quality materials, superb design and vibrant printing all help to get your sales and promotional message out there. But what are the do’s and don’ts of pop up banners? DO Use Them in the Locality of Your Business or Event Pop up banners are […]

Pavement Sign

How to Strategically Use Pavement Signs to Increase Footfall

Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing, Tips

  Attracting more people into your store means increasing visibility. It is not enough to just put out the bunting and hope that the masses come traipsing in through your door. You have to make sure that what you have to offer is enticing to your customer. Customer Demographic No article relating to the placement […]

Man looking at board

Marketing for Start-Ups

Infographic, Marketing & Advertising, Tips

There are numerous reasons why fledging businesses with so much promise shrivel and wilt away before they have a chance to grow and blossom. One reason is cash flow. A stuttering, intermittent flow of cash into the coffers means daily/weekly/monthly operating cash is low. This means that belts are tightened to strangulation. Activities like marketing […]


Are Exhibitions and Trade Shows Still Relevant in the Digital Age

Exhibition, Exhibition Stands, Offline marketing, Tips

The Industrial Revolution drove change with looms and steam. Today our industrial world is driven by technology. The Digital Age is well and truly upon us. It has revolutionised so many parts of our lives, and to an extent has abolished many things that used to be standard in the business world. Do we still need […]

welcome pack

How to Make an Impression on New Customers: Welcome Packs


What difference could a ‘welcome pack’ make to your business? The answer is that it could make a huge difference. When you bag a new customer, you need to show them from the start that they have made a good decision. You may find that new customers ask you similar questions, which is where a […]


How Digital Printing is Changing the Future of Communications


Imagine if you created an advertising campaign that not only made people stop, smile and think- but impacted them enough to start a social media discussion about it? In other words, advertising and promotional campaigns are only as effective as the creativity behind them. There are many ways you can grab the attention of your […]


10 Things EVERY Leaflet Should Include

Offline marketing, Tips

Every flyer should have a purpose. Whether it’s promoting an upcoming event or advertising your business, product or services. Designing a leaflet can be a lot of fun but there are some basic and common mistakes that can impact your flyer greatly Our design team have come up with this top 10 list of essential […]


The 7 Best Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Exhibition, Marketing & Advertising, Tips, Uncategorized

The main reason you invest time, money and energy into trade shows is so that you can capture a whole new swathe of leads.   Once you have these leads – conversations and contact information of interested customers and trade partners – you set about over the coming months to make sales. How do you […]

lego batman

How the New Lego Movie is using Posters for Promotion – and How You Can Too!


The Lego Batman movie is due for release in early 2017 and as you would expect, there are posters and promotional tools galore to set the wheels in motion to make this animated movie a success. In fact, the movie promoters have released over 18 promotional posters for the movie and all of them are […]


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