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The 7 Best Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

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The main reason you invest time, money and energy into trade shows is so that you can capture a whole new swathe of leads.   Once you have these leads – conversations and contact information of interested customers and trade partners – you set about over the coming months to make sales. How do you […]


Online and Offline Marketing – Which channels to use? How to use them? Who to aim at? Why?

Infographic, Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

All questions that swirl around the vast topics of digital and offline marketing. It can be confusing knowing which marketing channel to use and when. Marketing trends come and go so fast that it can feel like you are constantly trying to catch up. The numbers make for fantastic reading – take a look at […]


14 Ad Examples that Show Print Marketing Works!

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising

In the digital era, it is easy to dismiss print marketing as old-fashioned. But, research suggests that print ads are more powerful than we think.  They create positive feelings towards a brand, an essential component in marketing your business to customers. Another study found that brand recall in customers was 70% higher when they read […]

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How to Use Offline Marketing to Promote Your Online Business

Marketing & Advertising

  The online world is a crowded place. As fast as a pay per click ad appears before the eyeballs of your audience, it is gone. It is a never ending swirl of advertising and promotion with many businesses either failing to keep up with or bother with offline marketing. By doing so, they are […]

house with a for sale sign

How to promote your estate agency

Business Tips, Marketing & Advertising

  Your estate or letting agency should be a busy place. With a buoyant market, rental properties hang around for on the lettings market for a matter of hours in some areas of the country and for properties being sold, there are still many buyers searching for their perfect place. Your marketing message needs to […]


The importance of good shop signage

Business Tips, Marketing & Advertising

Your shop is THE place where business happens. Where potential customers become paying customers. It is where profits are made, where dreams come true and goals are reached. Opening a retail unit is tough in these current trading conditions; in fact, trading conditions are always tough, fluctuating with intensity as the economy rises and falls. […]

offline & online marketing

Why merging offline & online marketing is a must for local businesses

Business Tips, Marketing & Advertising

Is the future solely digital? In answer, you can be forgiven for affirming the notion that the only way forward for any business, big or small, established or newly established, is digital. In other words, every marketing activity you undertake is online, and online only; from sending out countless tweets to updating your status on […]

christmas cards

How Christmas Cards Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising, Tips

The humble Christmas card can mean so much. Personally, it can be a time that you hear from family and friends in far-flung places. They have the ability to spread, warmth, happiness and news. Business Christmas cards can have the same effect, and staying in touch with your clients is becoming much more important. Marketing […]

estate agent signs sold

6 Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Marketing & Advertising, Small Business, Tips

  Marketing your estate agency business can be tricky, but there are many things you can do to make sure that advertising your services to clients is successful. There are many things to consider, from ensuring you have an eye-catching logo to having a well designed ‘For Sale’ sign. If you feel in a rut […]


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