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Event Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Event Marketing

Marketing & Advertising
Graffiti marketing

Everything Businesses Need To Know About Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

Intro: If you have a small business you have likely heard of Guerrilla marketing. Start-ups have used Guerrilla marketing to great affect in order to engage customers and get more followers on social media. If you’ve been wondering just how and why you should consider using Guerrilla marketing for your start-up, this article has been […]

marketing typed with a lypewriter

5 Quirky Offline Marketing Tactics

Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

Have you tried all the standard offline marketing techniques but feel you need something different? In this article, we take a look at fiver quirkier offline marketing techniques that will give your marketing a boost. #1 Turn a company vehicle into a moving billboard Some football fans just can’t get enough and this Volkswagen Beetle […]

social media icons on a phone

Facebook Chatbots and Offline Marketing

Business Tips, Marketing & Advertising

We often think of offline and online marketing as being two distinct processes and activities. And yet, they can be become intertwined, producing fantastic results for a business. Chatbots Chatbots is a technical tool that you can create and use on Facebook and other social media platforms that help to maintain customer connections. There are […]

Gold Business Cards

Clever Design Tips for Eye-Catching Business Cards

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

The business card still has its place, even in the digital age. But it needs to work a little harder to be truly eye-catching in our technicolour world. Why Does Business Card Design Matter? Many companies, big and small, tend to have the same bland business card design. A logo, name and phone number- maybe […]


The Psychology of Typography – What is in a Font?

Marketing & Advertising, Tips

If you ask people what they think of the typeface ‘comic sans’, you’re pretty much guaranteed an hour-long debate. It’s a typeface that nobody seems to like or want anywhere near them. There are many typefaces that are reviled and loved in equal measure. Which is why choosing the right typeface to represent your business […]

Letter and Envelope

5 Creative Ideas for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Marketing & Advertising, Tips

Direct mail campaigns are targeted promotional activities that get right to your customer. But sending mail to a database of customers is does not guarantee success. Like other promotional campaigns, it needs to be well thought out and designed. This needs to be backed by a strategy that clearly shows what return on investment you […]

advertising banner

When, Where and How to use Pop-Up Banners to Generate More Business

Banners, Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising, Tips, Uncategorized

  Banners are a fantastic way to get your business noticed. High-quality materials, superb design and vibrant printing all help to get your sales and promotional message out there. But what are the do’s and don’ts of pop up banners? DO Use Them in the Locality of Your Business or Event Pop up banners are […]

Pavement Sign

How to Strategically Use Pavement Signs to Increase Footfall

Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing, Tips

  Attracting more people into your store means increasing visibility. It is not enough to just put out the bunting and hope that the masses come traipsing in through your door. You have to make sure that what you have to offer is enticing to your customer. Customer Demographic No article relating to the placement […]

Man looking at board

Marketing for Start-Ups

Infographic, Marketing & Advertising, Tips

There are numerous reasons why fledging businesses with so much promise shrivel and wilt away before they have a chance to grow and blossom. One reason is cash flow. A stuttering, intermittent flow of cash into the coffers means daily/weekly/monthly operating cash is low. This means that belts are tightened to strangulation. Activities like marketing […]


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