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Rolls of Fabric

Everything Businesses need to know about Fabric Printing

Flexible Media Printing

Introduction It is really important to have some basic understanding of fabric printing to make the most of the services we offer for your business.  We offer choice and we offer quality – but to get the most of this we would like to let you in on some background details that can help you […]

self adhesive vinyl decoration

Creative Marketing Uses of Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Flexible Media Printing

Using adhesive vinyl is an easy way to promote your brand, and there are so many ways to utilise it. Explore how your business can use self-adhesive vinyl. Cost-effective, self-adhesive vinyl is a fantastic medium for getting your marketing message in front of customers. But what is it and how can you use it to […]

Gold Business Cards

Clever Design Tips for Eye-Catching Business Cards

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

The business card still has its place, even in the digital age. But it needs to work a little harder to be truly eye-catching in our technicolour world. Why Does Business Card Design Matter? Many companies, big and small, tend to have the same bland business card design. A logo, name and phone number- maybe […]


14 Ad Examples that Show Print Marketing Works!

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising

In the digital era, it is easy to dismiss print marketing as old-fashioned. But, research suggests that print ads are more powerful than we think.  They create positive feelings towards a brand, an essential component in marketing your business to customers. Another study found that brand recall in customers was 70% higher when they read […]

christmas cards

How Christmas Cards Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising, Tips

The humble Christmas card can mean so much. Personally, it can be a time that you hear from family and friends in far-flung places. They have the ability to spread, warmth, happiness and news. Business Christmas cards can have the same effect, and staying in touch with your clients is becoming much more important. Marketing […]

grave yard

Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Flexible Media Printing, Tips

  You could be forgiven for thinking that the answer is yes; with literally billions of searches completed every day on Google and other search engines, it would seem that everyone is online. Online marketing holds a massive proportion of your marketing budget and quite rightly so. Without a strong online presence, you will find […]


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