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High Definition 1000dpi Print on Durst Printers


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Goya Cotton Canvas Printing

Cotton Canvas Printing

Polyester Canvas Printing

  • 270gsm High quality polyester canvas
  • High definition 1000dpi print
  • Super color reproduction
  • Available clean cut or mounted to frame
  • Can also be used as a wall covering.
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Polyester canvas, use it as a wall covering!

Our 270gsm polyester canvas is printed a 1000dpi using our Durst P10 250HS+ UV.  As a result the uv print is super sharp and image/colour reproduction is accurate and defined. Polyester canvas prints can be ordered just clean cut or mounted to a traditional stretcher bar frame.


What are the finishing options?

We have two options. 1.  We just print the canvas and trim it to the size that you have requested. 2. We can print the canvas and stretch it onto a traditional canvas stretcher frame. You can also use Poly canvas as a wall covering. Simply paste the wall and apply. We also offer super high quality cotton canvas prints & frames as an alternaive. Click here

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