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Outdoor Floor Graphics


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Outdoor Floor Graphics

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Outdoor floor graphics are the ideal solution for floor signage around your business and on the high street. They can be printed to your exact specifications in a range of shapes and sizes, featuring different colours and artwork.

Custom Outdoor Floor Graphics

Whether you want to advertise your company or brand around your premises or you want to re-enforce your businesses ground rules with eye-catching graphics, outdoor floor stickers are the ultimate solution. They require some specific conditions for application to ensure longevity, but once they’ve been applied they will last for a long time.

Application of Floor Graphics

  • Ensure the application surface is bone dry and clean. The surface should also be in a reasonable condition.
  • The stickers should only be applied in dry weather conditions when the temperature is above 10°C, rising to at least 18°C. After application, the conditions must remain dry for at least 24h. Apply early in the day when temperatures should rise.
  • Rougher surfaces will be harder for the adhesive to bond to – choose smoother surfaces where possible.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly before application to remove dirt and grit. Don’t use any liquids.
  1. Once your sticker is aligned, expose the adhesive by pulling back about 5cm of the liner from the back and start applying to your chosen surface.
  2. Use a short bristle brush, roller or firm squeegee. Apply the graphic 20cm at a time, applying hard pressure with your tool of choice, firmly pushing the adhesive down into the surface. Avoid creating air pockets.
  3. Once the whole graphic has been applied, use firm pressure to go back over all of the edges.
  4. Trim any sharp corners to avoid them lifting up.
  5. If you have applied it to a rougher surface, use heat to force the graphic into the surface.
  6. Don’t overlap graphics, this could cause a trip hazard.

Due to the wide variability of substrates & surfaces, no claims for unsuccessful applications onto or removal are accepted by Colour Graphics.

The adhesive used is pressure sensitive, and application will be adversely impacted by:
  • Oily, gritty, dusty, dirty or oxidised surfaces
  • Application to surfaces whilst conditions are below the minimum temperature of 10°C
  • Raising humidity from the application surface

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