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Outdoor Floor Graphics

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Our outdoor graphics are printed onto a super high tack vinyl over laminated with R10 rated anti-slip over laminate.

Calendared PVC film specially designed for bitumen applications, outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics.



  1.  The surface must be absolutely dry, clean and in reasonable good condition.
  2. Outdoor floor graphics must be applied in dry weather to a dry surface at temperatures above 10°C on days the temperature is expected to rise to at least 18°C. The weather should remain dry for minimum 24h after application to ensure adhesion build-up on the surface.Heat helps the adhesive to flow to the rough surface to create a better bond. Do not attempt to apply graphics late in the day when the temperature is expected to cool down.
  3. The rougher the surface the less contact the adhesive will have and the less chance your graphic has for success.
  4. To clean the surface, use a brush or a stiff bristle broom to remove dirt and dust, sand and gravel or other loose contaminants. Do not use water or cleaners which will cause the surface to become wet.
  5. Once aligned, pull back 5cm of the liner to expose the adhesive to align and start the application.
  6. Remove 20cm of liner at a time and using a firm squeegee, short bristle brush or semi-hard roller with firm pressure, forcing the adhesive down into the surface. Make sure to eliminate air bubbles. 6° Bridge graphics over seams if needed but do not force the graphic down into the seam.
  7. Once complete go back over all edges with firm pressure to make sure they are all in full contact to the surface.
  8. If possible trim sharp corners to a rounded radius to help minimize edge lifting.
  9. On rougher surfaces use heat and pressure to conform the graphic to the surface.
  10. Do not have multiple layers of overlap on your graphic. This may result in trips, falls and injuries.

Due to the wide variability of substrates & surfaces, no claims for unsuccessful applications onto or removal are accepted by Colour Graphics.


GENERAL REMARK : factors affecting adhesion

To ensure application suitability - always test the proposed construction under actual application and end-use conditions before going into full production.

The following factors will adversely affect adhesion of a pressure-sensitive adhesive:

- Dusty, dirty, oily or oxidised surfaces

- Application below the minimum application temperature or use outside of the recommended service temperature ranges.

- Raising humidity coming from fissures or other defects of the substrate. Cutting the material along any fissure or tile can decrease this effect.


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