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Flag Bases & Accessories

Keep your promotional flags and banners securely in place with our selection of hardwearing bases at affordable prices. Choose from water-filled, flat metal, ground spike or even drive on, all our flag bases are high-quality, durable and convenient to transport and use.

Robust flag bases

For when you need a little extra stability or are installing your flags and banners in an outdoor setting, our versatile range of flag bases and accessories will have you and your flags covered. Choose the right type of base for your display flag and location – from ground spikes and flat metal bases you anchor into the ground, to drive on designs where your flag is secured by a car wheel. Or opt for our versatile water-filled bases which can be easily used both in and outdoors and even layered up for when you need extra weight to keep your flag and pole securely in place. All our flag bases are made from robust plastic or metal and can cope with a range of environments and weather conditions.


Instant pricing

Order your new flag bases and accessories online for instant pricing – we can also offer a discount on large orders and express turnaround is available on most Colour Graphics products. Unsure of which base is right for your banner flag or display? Call our expert customer service team on 01543 377918 or email sales@colourgraphics.com and we’ll be happy to help!