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So....you're an artwork ninja huh?

Well just hold on for 1 second before you upload. These pointers could save you time re-working artwork and the possiblity of your files being rejected and your order being delayed.

To make your job run smoothly and get produced on time, please make sure some of the most common problems are corrected before uploaded.

These are the most common issues that cause delays in processing your order.

1. Have you added bleed to your artwork? WE NEED IT!

3mm for small format - Business cards, letterheads.....

5mm for large format - Banners, board printing, self adhesive vinyl, posters....

10mm for fabric products - Silicone edge graphics, fabric backdrops, or double sided jobs.....

If You don't add bleed, we will reject the files, which will delay your order.

2. Convert fonts to outlines. THIS ONES A BIGGIE!

You must convert your fonts to outlines. Without this your finalproduct might be printed with a substiture font and not be how you intended.

3. Have you saved as PDF file format?

We use a PDF workflow so please always try to send in this file format. We can accept most other formats but this may delay your order.

4 Overprint - Switch it off when not needed.

If you leave any elements of your design with the setting "Overprint" switched on. IT WILL DISAPPEAR AND WILL NOT BE PRINTED.

5. Use CMYK colour spacing.

All of our printers are CMYK, so for best results and to manage your own expectations please use CMYK colour settings when designing. Our rips will automatically convert RGB or Pantone colours to the closest possible colour. but sometime these colours will never be matched 100%. While our printers are regularly calibrated some RGB and Pantone colours are siply note achievable in CMYK.

6. DO NOT add crop mark or any other printers mark.

We don't need them and they just get in the way. If you leave them on we may need to remove them or simply reject the files for you to remove them.