Maintaining a good relationship with customers is so important for the success of your business. A lot of businesses focus on acquiring new clients. In fact, a lot of their marketing efforts go on boosting their client base. They create adverts and brochures which will entice new customers to their brand. But to be successful, they should put more focus on those current customers. They are the ones who will help you to increase your profits through their recommendations. And recurring work from those long-term loyal customers will help you to grow your business.

A lot of companies don’t know how to strengthen those relationships with current customers. One form of marketing which works well to boost loyalty is greeting card marketing. It’s a friendly approach which will help you to grow a personal, long-term relationship with your customers. Greeting cards are not just for Christmas; you can send them any time of the year to give a friendly reminder to a customer about your company and why they should work with you again. Here are some of the main reasons why your business should send greeting cards.

They help you to stay in touch
with a client

When you have finished business with a client, it’s easy for your company to slip off their radar. After all, they move to their next project and work with other companies. And when you have already worked with a client, you don’t want to send them lots of sale-focused materials. After all, they know what you do as you have already won over the client. But if you don’t stay in touch, your customer will forget about you. With such a competitive market, it’s easy for another company to swoop in and steal potential repeat business.

Therefore, it’s so important you stay on the customer’s mind. A greetings card is a great way to keep in touch with a client. When they receive the card, they will instantly remember your business and the finished product. You could send a card to the customer to say thank you for their order. They will remember this sincere gesture and it will keep your company in their thoughts for repeat business in the future.

After this initial thank you, there are still other reasons why you could send greeting cards in the weeks and months to come after an order. For instance, sending a card to wish them a happy Easter or Christmas will help to jog their memory of your business. And it’s always a good idea to use Google Alerts to keep an eye on a client. If they celebrate a special milestone, you can then send them a greeting card to wish them well. And create a database where you keep the dates of clients’ birthdays. That way, you can send a card to wish them special greetings. And this will help you to keep on the radar of that client and boost your relationship.

They are more effective than

Communication is so much easier in the modern world. We all send emails and texts to keep in touch with each other. And you can message people 24/7. You don’t have to wait for a client to receive a letter in the post or to answer their telephone message. But the rise of technology has made it a lot less personal in the business world.

After all, companies can conduct work with a client without speaking over the phone or meeting face to face. But when you just send an email or text to a client, there is no guarantee they will read it. It might end up in the recycle bin. After all, we all receive so many messages every day from companies that we don’t get a chance to read them all.

As author Jacqueline Whitmore describes on CBS news site, “Email Greetings are not as effective. They can be deleted by mistake or can wind up in the spam filter.” And it makes it harder to build a personal relationship.Therefore, businesses should send greetings card as the client will look at this in its paper form and will display it at home or in their office.

They will take the time to open the card and will appreciate the effort your business has gone to. It will jog their memory of your company and will leave a positive impression of your company. And they will tell prospective clients about how you sent a card which will boost your chance of new business.

They help you to build a
personal relationship

You need to connect with a customer to help secure a long-term business relationship. After all, you want that customer to feel special and that their business is important to you. If they think you are just interested in profits, they won’t want to work with you again in the future. You need to show them you want to provide them with good service.

Therefore, you should try to make a personal connection. They will then want a long-term relationship with your company. Businesses should send greetings cards as they are a great way to make the customer feel special. Just make sure the cards are personal and not all exactly the same.

For instance, you should include your own signature and even a little note to the client. After all, it’s much more personal to send a card from the CEO. It is quite impersonal if its just from the company.

At the end of the day, the client is buying into a person. They often make an order because of a pitch. So they need to know they are still in touch with a particular person. You need to make sure that the card is professional and high-quality.

It’s worth looking at where to buy greetings cards so that you don’t end up with a poor card which will give a bad impression of your business. You want a professional stationery company who will make a fantastic card to send to clients. And remember not to include anything which will offend or insult your customer. You don’t want to damage your relationship with the client and reduce your chances of repeat business. Keep away from humorous greetings cards and stick with a simple and effective design.

It builds brand recognition

Brand recognition is so important for long-term business success. You want customers to instantly know who you are when they see your brand. Therefore, it’s so important that all your marketing materials include your branding. It will ensure customers know who you are and exactly what your brand is.

One reason why businesses need to send greetings card is that it’s a good opportunity to build on brand recognition. After all, you can personalise the greeting card with your branding so the recipient knows who sent the card and it will remind them to get in touch.

As it says on Entrepreneur, include your logo on the front and choose graphics that reflect your business culture. That way, the card is perfect for your brand.

You could even put your email, phone number and website details on the back of the card. That way, if they have forgotten your details, they will still get in touch easily to talk about repeat business. To help boost sales, you could also include a call to action in the card.

For instance, telling them to get in touch for a discount on a new order is a great way to entice them back. You could even put a voucher in the card offering them money off their next order. Or if you want some new leads, ask them to recommend you to a friend to get a discount. That way, your greeting card could lead to new sales.

They show your dedicated
customer service

You want customers to talk about your high-quality and excellent products. After all, you want to drive sales to your company. But you also need to work on your reputation if you want long-term success.

After all, if you are known for your great reputation, it will lead to more potential customers. They will want to come and work with you if they know they will get good service. And word of mouth is so important to bring you new business. Therefore, you want people to tell their colleagues and friends about the good service they received from your company.

Ensure you answer queries quickly and always be polite. Get in touch if you haven’t heard from clients and try to build that personal connection. Greetings cards are a great way to help boost your customer service reputation. After all, they show that you are a sincere company who are showing their gratitude for the order.

The client will appreciate the effort you have gone to when sending the card. Whether it’s to say thank you for the order or to say hello after communication has gone quiet, a greetings card will ensure they get back in touch. It’s a better way to say thank you than just sending a quick email or text which feels impersonal after a significant order.

Stand out from your competitors

To ensure your business is successful, you need to make sure
you stand out from your competitors. After all, you might both offer the client
a similar product or service. And the potential client might not know which
company to go with for the order. Therefore, you need to show them why you are
unique. Sending them a greeting card is a great way to help you to stand out.
After all, it shows you are a thoughtful company who have gone the extra mile
to win the contract. If your competitor doesn’t do greetings cards, it will
mean you have a unique form of marketing which could win over that customer.
You could even send a greetings card to confirm a meeting or even to thank them
for meeting you for those initial talks.

Sending greetings cards is a great form of marketing for
your business. Whether you want to say thank you for an order, wish them a
Merry Christmas, or alert them on a special offer, a greeting card ticks all
these boxes. Just make sure it’s a high-quality and professional card that will
give a good impression of your business.