When setting up a strategy to promote your company, there is
a host of marketing materials you can choose from.  Whether its banners, business cards or leaflet
, there is such variety. 
Putting together a campaign can be complicated, due to the vast array of
forms you could choose.  It is essential
to undertake a cost/ benefit analysis before taking any strategy.  The marketing materials may be expensive to
print with limited reach. Ideally, you would hope the opposite to be true, with
marketing being relatively cheap with high impact.

Here we explore the different marketing materials available
and the reasons you might choose one option over another.

Business Cards

If there was one essential in business, it is the business
card.  This is a powerful tool that is
relatively cheap but brings outstanding results when employed effectively. You
pass on your contact details and do some work in communicating your brand
through the design.  At network events,
it shows you are prepared, and if an opportunity arises, you have a card to
hand.  You then appear organised and a
professional company.

Letterhead and Envelopes

It is vital to thread your brand throughout your business
stationery.  Letterheads are essential,
which even the smallest businesses should consider.  It may be the header of your invoices or
merely used on a "with compliments" slip.  It demonstrates the professional standing of
a company, and without it, you present an image of being nothing short of an

Printed envelopes might feel a little more extravagant.  With most direct communication taking place
over email, you might think it’s better to invest in the design of a quality
digital signature.  However, the biggest
challenge for those who still need to send snail mail is encouraging the
receiver to open the letter and see the contents.  Most people today presume that letters
through the door are either junk or bills. 
Pre-printed envelopes are, therefore, vital for positive impressions
that prompt the individual to open the letter with enthusiasm.

Banner Stands

One of the best ways to draw attention at trade shows is a
banner stand.  You could even use them at
charity events, if you are there offering support, or as part of a display in a
shopping area. They may seem a luxury option and likely expensive.  However, if you are looking to balance the
value against the impact, then a banner stand is probably one of the best marketing
choices.  It will have a significant
impact on the public walking by, promoting an image of professionalism.


Leaflets, if handed out in a targeted fashion, can be highly
effective.  A mail dump of thousands and
thousands of leaflets to cold prospects may be expensive and ineffective.  A lot of your cash will end up straight in
the recycling bin.  However, if leaflet
distribution is targeted to events or areas that are proven by analysis to be
demographically significant, then they can offer excellent returns.  

Leaflets work even better if you attach it to a specific
event or to an offer that requires the customer to retain the leaflet.

Company Brochures and Catalogues

A company brochure is a means of opening a detailed
conversation with a customer or a potential client.  You can present your values and goals, your
company approach and your key personnel. 
It is a glossy way of presenting your About Us page, but with a lot more

As with other printing, a catalogue might feel a little
outdated.  It is simpler to produce a
website and allow the customer to browse your products online.  However, at a trade show or in a showroom, a
brochure can add a touch of class.  Your
customers still like a tactile connection with your company, and the gloss and
high design of your company brochure can deliver this with some power.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a bit of an outlier and one you may
never have thought to have printed. 
However, if you are in a sector where relationships are essential, then
a personalised thank you card for your company could carry much power.  It could be a thank you to a supplier who
feels valued and so more loyal to the business relationship.  It could be to send to donors or to event
speakers who championed your company.


Quality printing is about making the first impression and
targeting your efforts to make the most of your marketing materials.