Correx is a lightweight, weatherproof corrugated polypropylene board.

Just like Foamex, it is hard wearing, affordable and ideal for indoor or outdoor events.

Correx differs from Foamex in that it is:

  • Very tough
  • Impact resistant
  • Rigid

This makes it ideal for environments where durability is a consideration. 

A common application is real estate agent sale signs. These are designed to be out in all weather for months at a time and won't fade or buckle under bad weather.

Correx is hardy stuff. So whether you need to deck out a mosh pit or dress up an exhibition hall, Correx can do the job.

Correx is made to last

The corrugated polypropylene gives the material incredible rigidity without compromising the weight. It is used more or less anywhere.

Correx is usually the material of choice when signage is required in high risk environments. Such as where there is going to be a great deal of wear and tear. Buildings sites, festivals, door signs and fairgrounds are all places Correx signage will be found.

Correx is broadly considered temporary signage material simply because it is built to take a regular and thorough beating.

But the good news is it’s recyclable.

What is Correx good for?

Correx is good for pretty much everything.

Because Correx is as tough as old boots and twice as cheap, your print budget for an event can stretch quite far.

Printed wall panels or temporary flooring is an entirely affordable and event defining option.

Correx can be mounted using almost anything, including suction cups! You can create temporary window coverings if you want to create a particular mood or tone.

The creative opportunities are immense.  As soon as you become free to really have fun with your design you’ll start to see  new opportunities to design fresh signage.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Where can Correx be used?

More or less anywhere, however, the harsher the elements the faster it will fade and get damaged.

Correx is impact resistant which is handy if you expect your signage to take some knocks but the key word is resistant

It’s still only a sheet of plastic at the end of the day and if you think your signage is going to be in for some real punishment you may need to invest in something stronger.

However in most instances this material serves the vast majority of your needs where a combination of a quality finish, durability and lightness is required.

The material is chemically resistant too which is good news if you don’t want your safety signs melting from the chemicals they’re meant to be warning people about.

Again this is only a resistance, if you need something impervious then you’ll need something more durable.

How can it be displayed?

You can hang correx using suction cups, screwed to the wall, attached to wood, glued, staple gunned, taped or velcroed. 

Thanks to the lightness of the material the options to hang or attach it can be relatively non-invasive making it more versatile.

There’s also minimum risk to plaster/walls and it certainly won’t compromise weaker plasterboard walls.

Correx can be printed direct using our brand new Durst Rho P10 250 HS Plus giving ultra high resolution prints direct to the panel.

Whatever your need, Colour Graphics can you help.

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