Banners are a fantastic way to get your business noticed. High-quality materials, superb design and vibrant printing all help to get your sales and promotional message out there.

But what are the do’s and don’ts of pop up banners?

DO Use Them in the Locality of Your Business or Event

Pop up banners are great for getting your message out to customers. They can be used to pass on all kinds of information, promotional messages as well as giving directions of how to reach your business or event.

DON’T fall Foul of Local Bye-Laws

There are strict rules on where and how banners can be displayed. For example, if it is next to a main highway or road you may find that it is removed as it could be hazardous and distracting for traffic.

Always check local bye-laws as what is acceptable in one town, city or county, will not be in another. This means that a town 5 miles away may have very different bye-laws on banners and displays.

DO Display your Pop Up Banners at Events

Depending on what your banner is advertising, displaying it at key community events is a great way of getting your business noticed. Always seek permission and if you sponsor an event, make sure it included promotional space large enough for your business.

DON’T Cram It 

With banners, the reader has a matter of seconds to decide if they can read the information and if it is important to them. On a banner, it is important that you don’t cram too much text and information on it.

Consider where you are going to place the banner and how long a reader will have to decipher the information on it.

DO Use Suitable Images and Graphics

A picture can say a thousand words. That means using an appropriate image or graphic that supports the text but can also act as the major reference point as to what the banner is all about.

DON’T Over Design

Many people tend to over design a pop-up banner, giving it too much detail. Leave plenty of ‘white space’ or space that is empty so that the eye has plenty of space to make out shapes of words and images.

DO Proofread (more than once!)

How many banners and posters have you seen with embarrassing mistackes? (That mistake was deliberate!)

Always check and proofread the banner before printing. Better still, get a colleague to look over it to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

DON’T Assume a Banner is the Only Answer

A banner is a great advertising and promotion medium. Especially as it can be moved from one location to another. If you want to go large with your promotional message, a banner is not the only answer.

As well as billboard advertising (affordable with a high impact), consider a poster campaign both at your store or business and at locations throughout the area.

DO Put a Banner Close to Your Business

Banners are not just tools that can be strung across fences and at community events in other towns and cities. You can easily use a banner close or by your store or business.

This is because there are assorted sizes of banners that make banner advertising incredibly powerful. Maybe opt for a smaller banner near or close to your business, leaving the large banner for high impact advertising or promotional from further afield.

DON’T Leave it in One Place Too Long

Leaving it in one place too long means that it becomes almost part of the ‘wallpaper’ or part of the landscape. And this is bad news for you.

It means that people have stopped looking at it and the message is now lost.

DO Use the Right Grade of Banner

Some banners are suitable for indoor use only such as fabric banner stands, whereas other banners are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Attempting to save money by using an indoor-only grade of material will mean that with the first whiff of a strong breeze, it will be in tatters.

And finally, DO Put It Where People Will See It

And by this, we mean the right people! Where are your customers? Consider the location of the banner carefully because placing it in a place where your intended audience will not see it, is a waste of time and effort.

Banners can be used to get all kinds of message across, from flash sales to discounts to promoting an event. What will your banner say?