5 Ways to Update your Brand Design This New Year

5 Ways to Update your Brand Design This New Year

If you want your brand to stay fresh and contemporary, it’s necessary to revisit it from time to time and give it a makeover. The New Year is the perfect time for a revamp, blowing away the cobwebs with a new look that customers will love.

To get the best results, you’ll need to update your brand design in a way that’s meaningful. Sometimes you need to do more than simply tweak a few colours or words.

Here are 5 creative ways you can update your brand for great results:-

1 – More than words

You might be thinking of an update to your brand design as:-

  • coming up with a new logo
  • revisiting your colour scheme
  • changing your exterior appearance

But if you want to be really authentic, you need to dig a bit deeper.

The very best brand updates don’t simply involve changing a few superficial things around. The new year is the perfect time to think about the direction you’re heading in, and whether your branding really reflects your ethos.

When you’re at an exhibition, next to your banner stands, do the displays really capture what your company is all about? A brand update is your opportunity to make sure that the very essence of your company is conveyed with all the material you have, from when you design a banner stand, a letterhead and everything in between.

2 – Don’t worry about current trends

If you’ve been running your own business for a while, undoubtedly you will have seen different trends come and go. It’s very tempting to rush through a brand refresh to try and keep up with the competition and jump on board the trending themes.

However, try to resist the urge to follow the crowd. It’s very unlikely that it’ll benefit your business in the long term. Brand updates take a lot of work and should always seek to embody what your own personal vision is. If you simply follow a fad, there’s a real risk that you’ll end up looking dated before the ink is dry on the design.

3 – Keep it simple

Following on from the advice about steering clear of trends for the sake of it, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind: simplicity.

Some brands fail because they overcomplicate their message, making it difficult for new customers to identify with what’s being offered and sending out confusing signals.

If your existing brand looks cluttered, the new year is the perfect time to strip it down, simplifying your look. Don’t panic about trying to convey all of the information in one go; if you attract attention, any potential customers will be interested enough to look further. You can always have leaflets, posters or online information to supplement your design so when you design a roller banner don’t feel as if you need to make everything visible all at once!

4 – Get your social media right

Social media is the modern way to connect with your customers. Research consistently shows that it’s much easier to get engagement on these platforms.

However, social media is a real balancing act! While it’s important to be authentic and genuine, you need to make sure you reflect your brand values at all times too.

Therefore, a brand update is the perfect time to look across all of your social media accounts to see whether they match up. Do you have a consistent voice, and are you using the right logos and brand images?

If you’re updating your brand, this is the perfect time to do a clean sweep across all your accounts and introduce the fresh new look. This could increase your organic reach and attract new customers as well as pique the curiosity of existing clients too.

5 – Consider new ways to brand

You may have previously only had your branding online, and on selected posters and flyers that you’ve handed out at exhibitions. An update is a good time to rethink your strategy and consider whether you are making the most of all the opportunities there are.

Posters, roller banners, T-shirts, social media….the list of potential branding opportunities is endless. With this in mind, consider whether the branding you have would work in all of these channels. Something too fussy or complex may look good on a large poster, but get lost when it’s shrunk down on a letterhead. Look at your roller banner design- does it still work? Viewing it in different sizes and mediums will help you ascertain if you’ve got it right.

Think about your future and how you see your business growing. This will allow you to explore more avenues to create brand awareness, and this is what should drive your design.

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