The internet seems to offer a world of opportunity for the
marketer.  However, there is still a
chance to win a loyal customer using offline techniques. For instance, using foamex printing allows
you to produce boards for outside stores that lure in the passing footfall to
your store.  Weather-resistant and
ever-present, the board on the pavement will last longer in the consciousness
of your potential customers than a social media post.

Although the power of digital marketing is not exaggerated,
it is made even more potent if it joins with a consistent message and story
offline.  In short, the offline marketing
space is still valuable, still relevant and can deliver results.  In this guide to the coming trends, we will
help you make the most of all your marketing channels.

Is offline marketing better for you?

In truth, for some people, offline marketing space is more
valuable than digital marketing.  It may
feel like you are holding on to an old way of working, but the internet can
sometimes be a red herring too.  Offline
marketing, using printed texts, can get far more reach than you may
expect.  You need to be creative in your
offline marketing choices, guiding your customer through the buying journey.  If you do this well, you will be delighted
with the results of this neglected marketing approach.

Who should use offline marketing?

There are no set criteria about who should use offline
marketing.  Larger and medium-sized
brands will likely use a combination of online and offline strategies.  They will make the campaign work by creating
a consistent story through all the channels.

If you are a small online business, offering a service,
digital strategies are likely going to be critical to your success. However,
for smaller companies, working in a bricks-and-mortar store, offline marketing
will be more effective.    You do not
need a global or even a national customer reach.  You are looking to reach out to your
region.  Therefore, simple leafleting and
poster strategies will be a lot more potent at targeting the right people.

If you are a family business or an artisanal outfit, then a
digital presence might be counterproductive to the homely and hand-made feel of
your company.  You need to reach out into
your local community using offline marketing campaigns; offering something
tactile and tangible when interacting with your customer.

The five offline marketing trends for 2020

Newspaper Adverts – before you pay for an advert in a newspaper, do your research.  The success of this form of marketing depends on finding the right paper to meet your marketing goal.  It also requires you to understand your target market and select your spot carefully.  If you are going to invest in this form of marketing, you need to make sure your advertisement is optimised for consumer uptake.

Radio advertising – although we may feel that the radio is outdated, if you travel around hair salons, large shops and other outlets, you will know that the radio often plays in the background.  As your consumers travel to your bricks-and-mortar store, they are likely listening to the radio in the car. You will have the opportunity to use the local voice of your radio station to help a mass audience hear your message all at the same time.  This is the perfect way to grab the attention if you have organised an event.  It can be expensive, so you need to make sure your message is strong and warrants the message you are communicating. 

Business cards – as a business owner, your business card is your networking tool.  The best thing you can do at industry events is handing out your business card to anyone who has engaged you in a conversation and could be a deciding factor in the success of your business.  The quality of the design of your business card will be the legacy with the individuals who receive it.

Leaflets, flyers and posters – if you are looking to target a local area, then there is nothing more potent than a leaflet drop with compelling offers.  If you make it so that the leaflet or flyer is needed to redeem the offer, then your advertising stays in the consciousness of your audience for longer.

Create an event – probably the most potent offline marketing, and one that can prompt the use of other marketing methods is a one-off event.  For instance, if you are a book shop, organising a literary event that draws the crowds.  Then, all your other in-store marketing can do its work. Be creative; be imaginative.  Strike a note of curiosity in your target market.