Launching your own business at any age can be a bit of a leap of faith, but starting your own business as a teenager can be even more so. However, plenty of teens are starting off on their own, with 19% of teenagers adamant that they would rather be their own boss[i]. And you can join their ranks! Starting a business as a teenager is easier than you probably think, and you get to work around your own schedule. To help you choose how to start earning money your way, here are the most successful small business ideas for teens that you can get your teeth into.


a teenager starting her small businessa teenager starting her small business

Of all the teen entrepreneur ideas, an academic tutor is one of the easiest – and most in-demand, with 66% of children stressing about homework[ii]. Every one of us excels in one field or another, and whatever your skill set is, there’s no doubt that you will be able to help someone who is struggling with that subject. As an academic tutor, you will also be able to help prepare students for tests, including SATs and GCSEs.


Whether you specialise in detail-orientated portraits or your artwork is a bit more abstract, there’s a high chance that someone is looking for what you’re creating. Starting your own business selling artwork as a teen isn’t impossible with the tricks and tools now at your disposal. With some clever marketing across the Internet and in person, your business can be up and running in no time.

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Podcasts are a growing industry, meaning there’s plenty of space for you to share your thoughts with the world. To grow and nurture a good following, you’ll want to start a podcast about something you’re passionate about. Once you’ve gained a good amount of interest and followers, you can start earning income by searching for advertisers who would be interested in advertising on your podcast.

Car Washer

Most people love having a nice, shiny car, but many don’t have the time to spend cleaning it as thoroughly as they’d like. So, you can take on the job! Starting a car washing business is relatively simple, but you’ll have to be prepared to put your back into it. All you’ll need is a bucket of water, a sponge and a few specialist cleaners for an easy weekend job to bolster your bank.

Graphic Designer

A graphic design business could be a fantastic venture if you’re a tech-savvy person with a creative mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for a small graphic design business. For example, you could sell products with your own designs on them or get involved with local companies on a freelance basis.


If writing is your strong point and you have the right tech skills, blogging can be a fun small business venture. However, like starting a podcast, blogging can take a little while to draw in revenue since you will have to depend on advertisers and affiliate partners once your blog begins to have a bit of traction. Yet, if you enjoy writing and are passionate about something, making money from a blog shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is one of the most enjoyable small business ideas for teens who are obsessed with animals. You get to spend time with dogs and get paid for it – win-win! With flexible hours and everything you’ll need provided by your clients, this fun job is a perfect kick-starter for a local business.

Proof Reader

For those who are very adept at reading and understanding language, proofreading may be the perfect job you haven’t even considered. You could work with anyone, from other businesses to local authors, to help edit and perfect their copy.

How To Get The Word Out About Your Business

Once you have your business venture all set up, you’ll want to start advertising and get yourself out there! Here are the best ways to spread the word about your business quickly:

  • Printing leaflets and distributing them to people and local stores
  • Creating a website
  • Creating and regularly uploading social media pages
  • Contributing to your community
  • Advertising locally, such as radio stations or billboards
  • Developing your businesses image

Which Are The Best Small Business Ideas For Teens?

There are plenty of good business ideas for teens to get stuck into, but you have the right to be a bit picky. Make sure that whichever business you choose to go into, it’s one that you will enjoy – you don’t want to lose interest in your new business venture before it’s even got off the ground! With an occupation that you like and a bit of patience, your small business will be up and running in no time!

Do you have any small business ideas for teens? What occupation would you recommend? Let us know!