Banner stands are very useful for any kind of business looking for a cost-effective way of getting a message across to customers and potential customers.


They can be used in all kinds of settings too, from a window display with important information to notifying passing delegates at a busy conference who you are and what you are about. If you have decided that these is a must-have piece of kit for you, then you need to choose the right banner stand.

So what are you looking for? And what do you want to avoid?

  • Cost-effective vs cheap

Clearly, no one has a bottomless promotional budget and so getting a good deal is essential. Most reputable printing companies will have some great dals on design, print and quality of the actual banner stand itself.

Not all banner stands are created equal and so if you intend on using them on a frequent basis, it pays to pay a little extra and get a better quality stand for your money. Companies who are regulars on the conference circuit will tell you that there is nothing worse than a banner or roller stand that last two or three conferences in peak condition, only for an all-important knob to drop off, rendering it obsolete.

  • Size – physical

We have separated this discussion on size as we think that this is important to have a discussion on what you want and need in terms of the physical size of the banner stand.

There are some that are lightweight and narrow, where you can use have more than one printed and can be easier to handle, as well as more versatile in placement.

Then there are bigger, wider banner stands that can form the backdrop to a booth or stand at a show or conference.

Clearly both have the plus points with some companies investing in both to creating a stunning backdrop. That said, although they are not overall cumbersome of fiddly to deal with, some people prefer the smaller, narrower sizes so that they can handle them better.

Bigger, after all, is not always better…

  • Size – design space

There is a huge amount of space on which to fit and emphasis your message. To the graphic designer, this is a great space on which to design and create something fantastic.

To the small business doing it themselves, it can seem like a huge, blank and intimidating canvas that they MUST fill! As a result, there will hundreds of words in a font too small to read and images that make no sense at all.

Use the design space well, and your banner stands can have maximum impact for your business. However, over stuff it with nonsense and it will not do anything.

  • What do you want it for?

Any designer starts with a brief and so to avoid the cacophony of nonsensical words and images it pays to understand what your design needs to do.

We also think that this applies to choosing which banner stand is right for you. Knowing what and how you are going to use it is important.

A key question can be is the banner going to be displayed outside? If so, and this is going to be something it will do time and time again, opting for not only a better quality stand but a better quality banner too will make all the difference.

You may want to create an impression but making sure you are creating the right one is important. A cheaper, flimsier banner stand can soon become to look tired and past its use-by date very quickly.

But just as you may need to spend a little more to get a little better quality, going all out and buying the top end product to be used once is perhaps not the best use of your finite resource, known as money.

  • How many do you need?

The banner stand present a unique tool with which you can connect and engage an audience with but what tends to happen is that people only invest in one or two.

We feel that they are an under-used resource and that they can in themselves, create a great display. If you are artistically minded, you can create a story across several banner stands and invite people to take the journey of reading in. Why not have people weaving in and out your banner stands, being part of your display or exhibition?

In summary

Banner stands are fabulous. They are cost-effective at delivering your message but make sure you get the right one – and it can be used again, and again and again.