When you complete an order with a customer, you begin work on another project. After all, you want to grow your customer base with new contracts. But repeat business is key to business growth and overall success. To be successful, you need to maintain those relationships with loyal customers so that you have a steady flow of work. Ongoing relationships can make all the difference between success and failure. However, as you can see in this infographic from invesp, 44% of companies put a greater focus on customer acquisition vs 18% who focus on retention. A lot of companies are unsure of how to retain their customers. After all, it’s so easy for customers to forget about a company, despite the excellent service. Here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure your customers don’t forget about you.

Send them greetings cards

Greetings cards are a great way to keep a strong relationship with a customer. They remind the customer about your company and what you do while offering a simple greeting. A lot of businesses send clients cards after using their company. It’s an easy way to say thanks while boosting your chance of a repeat sale. Whether you want to send a card to wish a client a happy birthday or to let them know about a new product, a greetings card is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. One of the great things about a card is that the customer will display it at work or home. That way, it’s a constant reminder of your company. Just make sure you personalise the card so that it stands out. A handwritten signature will give it that extra special touch. And use a professional website to create your greetings card so that you give a good impression.

Update social media regularly

It’s so important that you are on top of your social media accounts. A lot of companies are not posting enough to their followers. But to ensure customers don’t forget about you, it’s so important that you have an active social media account. According to research conducted by pre-scheduling tool CoSchedule, you need to post on Facebook once a day, Twitter 15 times per day and Instagram once or twice a day. That way, you will stay fresh in the client’s mind. You don’t have to just post about your company; comment on news in your industry and world events to stay relevant. You can post on client’s posts to remind them about your company. Social media is a great way to keep regular communication with clients. Just make sure you speak on a human level to make it more personal and ensure your company is relatable to customers.

Send flyers to customers

Sending a flyer to a customer is a great way to ensure they don’t forget about you. You can send customers flyers when you release new products or to even announce a sale on a particular product.  It will jog their memory about your business. Just personalise the flyer using a professional website to make sure it’s on-brand and is appealing. You could make sure it states its for your loyal customers which will build trust with that client.

Provide business cards with your product

When you send a finished product to your client, you should always include a business card. They are a great way to prompt a customer about your business. They will put the card in their purse or on their desk. And it will offer a constant reminder about your business. Ensure you personalise the business card with all your contact details so that they are easily able to get in touch. And make sure that it stands out as a dull card will not give a good impression of your business.

Set up a loyalty programme

Customers won’t forget about you if you give them something back for showing loyalty to your company. That is why you should set up a loyalty programme to ensure you keep those customers. With 84% of consumers saying they are more likely to buy again with a company if they offer a loyalty programme, it’s a wise idea to set one up with your customers. Whether you offer free delivery or a certain discount after an amount spent, it will make sure they keep coming back and won’t forget about your company.

These simple tips will enable you to keep your customers who will help you to grow your business. Their word of mouth recommendations and reviews on your site will aid you in the long-run. Recurring customers are a valuable asset to your business.