Self-adhesive vinyl falls firmly into the ‘does what it says on the tin’ when it comes to naming conventions.

It’s vinyl that’s self-adhesive.

But it’s also flexible and highly versatile in terms of its application. It’s resistant to high temperatures and water so it can be used inside and out. 

They can be cut into any shape and will cling to more or less any surface which makes it perfect for enforcing social distancing, queue spacing and traffic direction around your building.

Made from vinyl polymer and a meth acrylic polymer (not that kind of meth) which take ink beautifully. So you can do some seriously cool things. Even gnarly floor tiles.

What can self-adhesive vinyl be used for?

The real world applications of self-adhesive vinyl is huge.

Because the material is cheap, easy to apply and looks great it’s popular choice amongst retailers as well as being an affordable way of funking up office spaces. Vinyl decals are even popping up in homes to make striking, yet affordable, feature walls.

The most common commercial use is display advertising as it can be put up and take down with relative ease and without the need of any formal training.

However for large prints we would recommend getting a professional to apply the vinyl. Entirely because the last thing you want is to wrinkle or to tear the vinyl. 

Beyond the obvious applications like window decals, branding vehicles and such, it can also be used in a more cunning marketing capacity. 

As self-adhesive vinyl can be stuck to a window, wall or floor without much risk of any damaging them, you can do some quite cool stuff to attract customers attention, be it in a shopping centre or on the street.

It works great for our post Covid-19 world too because you can use it to remind people of appropriate distances and keep them travelling in a safe direction.

Basically, self-adhesive vinyl can be used for more or less anything. This is a ‘you’re only limited by your imagination’ situation.

When you take into account the low cost of the material, the fact that it can be cut to any shape and printed on it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Why is self adhesive vinyl so popular

The big advantages of self-adhesive vinyl is the low cost and versatility. It can be stuck to more or less anything, including wood, aluminium, some types of concrete, marble and plastics.

There are very few places in a commercial setting where you can’t put self-adhesive vinyl. That means, if you’re part of a chain or group it’s much easier to come up with a one-size fits all decal to communicate offers, promotions or brand messaging.

Although because vinyl is cut with a plotter, it takes very little effort to cut your design to differing size where needed, which is another big bonus.

You can also peel and dispose of the vinyl with relative ease. The adhesive doesn’t leave behind a residue and in most cases won’t discolour paintwork or remove varnish.

Admittedly, it’s a little wasteful but it allows your messaging to change rapidly without the hassle of hanging signs, taking down frames or any of the other palava associated with other printed medium.

Throw in the fact that it’s hard wearing, water resistant and can withstand high temperatures and self-adhesive vinyl is actually pretty awesome stuff.

Before you buy

Before you place an order or click add to basket it’s important to know what you’re getting.

Some self-adhesive vinyl is permanent which is fine if you want your look to last.

If you’re wrapping a lease car with your branding it could lead to some awkward conversations.

So getting your specification right first time is pretty important.

Temporary vinyl is usually good for up to 5 years depending on the intended use. It’s relatively easy to remove.

You also need to consider the kind of look and finish you want. Vinyl can be reflective, fluorescent, frosted, digitally printed, matte, gloss and clear. Which means you can pretty cool stuff.

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