You can make all your office design ideas begin to take
shape with self-adhesive
vinyl prints. Seriously. You can have whatever design you like printed on this
self-adhesive vinyl, and it can then form the foundation of all other
decisions.  You can brand your office,
successfully communicating your vision and values to your clients and
customers.  However, before you start
making decisions about such small details, you need to explore high-level ideas

Begin by asking people

Your company brand, which should be reflected in your office
design ideas, is more than just your logo. 
Even if you write a mission statement and hide visions and goals in your
business plan, it is nothing If you don't include people.  The different stakeholders, from
the worker on the floor to the directors, deserve a say
.  What are their needs and what is their
vision? What do they believe should be communicated in the design of the
office, and how can this be captured?

It is often the case that we strive for happy workers,
understanding that this creates satisfied clients and customers.  Therefore, the design of the office
represents your brand values – serving the needs of people who work within it.

Go across channels

One of the most important secrets of the larger brands'
success is the capacity to stretch this brand across channels.  We live in an omnichannel world, and your
customers see you online as well as in person. 
You need the design you see on your website to carry through to the plan
they see in your offices.  If you have a
colour scheme online, then this should be reflected in your design ideas.

If you don't want the tail of your website wagging the dog
that is your office, then any colour changes in your office space should be
taken across your online media channels too.

Draw the outside in

You should also seek inspiration for your office design
ideas from the outside.  Your location is
essential to your identity, and you want to create a connection with your
community.  You could incorporate iconic
images or silhouettes of the buildings to fix your company in your area.  Not only can it offer head-turning design and
become a starting point to conversations with clients and customers.

Customer versus staff spaces

Branding needs to be used wisely.  It might be an excellent way of stamping your
identity where your clients and customers sit and browse.  However, in your staff areas, it can feel
oppressive. It is better to be more subtle with your employees.  They do not need to feel brainwashed by your
corporate messaging.  They want spaces
where they can collaborate and be creative.

Extending this further, you should consider a breakout space
for staff.  There should be a place that
promotes relaxation and encourages chatting. 
Not only does this communicate your commitment to your staff's
wellbeing, but it also ensures they are focused on tasks when in areas
designated for work.

You could also design in a breakout space for
.  Having a place where
people are expected to sit, discuss and explore ideas allows for freedom from
the constraints of a desk and a computer screen.

Substance over style

A lot of this advice is out-of-the-box and encourages you to
reimagine your brand and how you see your people.  Brand and relationships are the
substance.  Your knowledge of this should
influence the style you choose.  Therefore,
those that go for flashy and overly fashionable interior design with little
thought to the message tend to regret the choices.  Also, over-spending on interior design gives
the impression that you are happy to waste shareholders' and stakeholders'

Therefore, everything about coming up with design ideas for
your office is about balance.  It needs
to be stylish and forward-thinking, but it also needs to support the work and
the bank balance of the business.

Be excited by it

Designing a new workspace is an opportunity.  You have the chance to imagine what you want
your business to be, the opening to talk with your staff about their needs and
the possibility to reimagine your brand. 
You should be excited about this. 
It would help if you were passionate about the choices you make and want
to make a big ceremony about revealing your design to the world.  In short, this is more than choosing a new
paint colour and selecting blinds over curtains.  The way your office is designed will directly
impact your success as a business.