Have you tried all the standard offline marketing techniques but feel you need something different? In this article, we take a look at fiver quirkier offline marketing techniques that will give your marketing a boost.

#1 Turn a company vehicle into a moving billboard

Some football fans just can’t get enough and this Volkswagen Beetle belonging to YouTube star Henrique Pedrotti is proof. Covered in over 15,000 football stickers, this is probably one of the most expensive car ‘paint’ jobs on the planet.

But this stunt gave us an idea. These stickers, and others like them, are very sticky and that means if he decides to peel them off, Pedrotti will have a job on his hands.

Self-adhesive vinyl printing and signs, on the other hand, are sticky without leaving behind the adhesive residue that takes forever to get off.

This means you could easily turn one of your company vehicles into a mobile billboard. Self-adhesive vinyl is super easy on the budget too thus, you can create an amazing effect on a car without damaging its paint job or lustre at a fraction of the cost of stickering it in football stickers.

#2 Be everywhere but with a difference: mural walls

Some call is graffiti that many people don’t class as art but let’s be honest, surely a pleasantly painted (or professionally graffitied) wall is better than staring at a blank one.

And this ties in nicely with the idea of ‘being everywhere’, although most people associate this with online marketing.

For offline marketing, it means getting your brand noticed and with a difference. And so as well as creative billboard ideas, painted murals (please, make it official so as not to land your brand in hot water with authorities) on walls and so on are all fantastic ways of getting your creative brand out there, and working with local talented artists too.

#3 Sponsorship where customers wouldn’t expect

What can work in your favour is when your brand does something unexpected. And this means getting your creative brain into gear.

There are many lucrative deals out there for companies and brands, although not all sponsorship opportunities are ones that you would expect.

For example, why do car brands sponsor football? What’s the connection? What the car manufacturers have come to realise is that the exposure that comes with football is second to none.

In fact, with some smaller sponsorship opportunities, the exposure is just the same, albeit on a smaller scale. Your name on a football shirt or a rugby shirt or other sporting paraphernalia is a great way on snaffling long-term exposure.

Why not take a look at some tongue-in-cheek ideas too? Such as a dentist sponsoring a sports team (mouthguards at the ready!) or a shop retailing cookery and bakeware sponsoring a fitness centre…?

#4 Personality

The thing with brand-speak and corporate image is that at some point they tip from uber-business-like into ‘the same corporate stuff as everyone else’. And this means personality is lost.

That’s why many big brands create advertising personas or even characters, like Ronald McDonald, to carry their marketing forward in some respects.

But sometimes, there is no accounting for true personality in advertising and even though this next example is not strictly offline – but it did and can link easily to offline marketing campaign – is creating your own advert.

Just take a look at Dollar Shave Club and how their YouTube video catapulted it to fame and fortune. Better still, even now they are a zillion-dollar firm, they retain this sense of true personality.

This example also highlights how using humour can pay off too. Measure your offline and online marketing campaigns against this one: is there humour there? Is it attractive?

#5 Create and harness word of mouth

Word of mouth is still considered one of the most powerful marketing tactics and now, we have at our fingertips the opportunities to create and share word of mouth straight from the customer at the point of purchase.

Including your customer as part of your business for the day or for a certain project is fantastic. From winning a competition to make their own product with you to share what they bought instantly via digital technology in the changing room or in a store booth are just a few ideas of how you can do this.

Get creative! What ideas can you think of?