PVC banners are the new paper or cloth banners that have been used for years and years for businesses to get their messages across to the public...but their had limitations. 

Imagine investing your advertising budget into a wonderfully witty banner that shouted all sorts of praise about your business but it wasn’t clear or it rained…

Businesses were crying out for something that could take colour expertly, be durable, weatherproof and easy to hang...enter the PVC banner!

What are PVC banners?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a plastic that is applied on a material. For banners you laminate polyester with PVC which gives a lovely glossy finish while strengthening the material underneath. 

PVC is a super lightweight plastic that is not only durable but affordable to produce. Because PVC banners are designed to withstand various types of weather, they can be used indoors or outdoors.

We want our customers to get the best PVC banners out there so we only ever use banner-grade PVC which is 510gsm thick. We like to know that your PVC banner is going to stay put so we take extra care to ensure the eyelets are high quality and will proudly fly your banner wherever you wish to hang it!

Back in the day paper and cloth used to struggle to take the exciting designs businesses wanted to share, but now that we have the revolution of PVC we can make sure your banner looks amazing at a distance and up close and personal. We print our PVC banners at 1440dpi high resolution and we only use eco-solvent inks that are designed to withstand UV and exposure to the elements. 

Where would I use a PVC banner?

PVC banners are low cost but expensive looking. Win win.

They are a really great marketing solution because they look fantastic and you can pretty much put them up anywhere.

You could use them to advertise an upcoming event, a tribute night in a pub perhaps. Or you could hang a large PVC banner on the wall of your cafe with your specials jumping out at passersby. Perhaps you’d like to advertise an upcoming funfair or you just want to wish your granddad a happy 90th birthday for all the village to see! 

These banners are a wonderful way to create some excitement about your business, event, sale or new product. 

So the answer to this is that you can use PVC banners wherever your heart desires. Keeping in mind that they boast photographic quality printing, the opportunities are endless!

Here are some more ideas;

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Exhibition stands
  • Retail displays
  • Personal messages

PVC banners are tear resistant and waterproof, so create your banner and hang it with peace of mind that it will do your talking for you!

What are the advantages of PVC banners?

Firstly, these banners are multipurpose. It’s not something you may have noticed unless you were actively looking for them. 

Next time you hop in your car, have a look at all the PVC banners and make a mental note of where they are being used and for what. It will give you a whole lot of ideas and also show you how useful they really are!

Another advantage is that PVC banners are durable and weatherproof. Banners are usually outside which means that the biggest threat to their longevity is weather. 

There are two types of PVC banners designed to protect against specific conditions;

  1. PVC Vinyl; standard banner which can handle all weather and winds
  2. PVC Mesh Banners; these have tiny holes in the material for air to pass through which are made for areas of high winds like bridges.

Thirdly, they are are hard hitting advertising. They attract attention, like a bee to honey. 

PVC banners attract prospects, engage them with information and convert them into customers. That’s pretty powerful for a banner! Banners are renowned for being hugely effective in advertising and have been for many many years...if it ain’t broke…

They are affordable. This is a biggie. When you have a set marketing budget but you need to make a splash and get noticed then PVC banners are a strong choice. 

PVC banners aren’t just versatile, they are durable which means that if it isn’t grabbing the right target audience in one location, you can try somewhere new with the same banner. 

Exceptional quality for a small price. Which is why even the smallest one man bands use banners, they’re inexpensive and they work!

These banners can last for years and years. If you would like to find out how you can invest to make an impact you can see our PVC banner solutions here.