Foamex is a great lightweight material that can be used in many settings. In this blog, we discuss the good points of Foamex, and the cons, such as conditions where it can't be used so that you can pick the best material for your marketing efforts.

What is Foamex board?

Also known as PVC foam board – a slight anomaly considering there is not actual ‘foam’ present!

  • It is a useful material because of its rigidity. It also comes in different thickness too from 3mm, 5mm, 10mm or 19mm.
  • Commonly, it's used for signs. Some clients use them at exhibitions, trade shows or for display panels.

Why opt for Foamex?

Achieve a Unique Shape

  • Easily cut to size. Foamex is easily cut to size. This means it is a versatile material, easy to use, fix into position and so on. We are aware of the varying needs of our customers and so if you want cost-effective signage but without being confined to a certain size or shape, then Foamex would be a great choice.
  • Bespoke shaping. Want something different that allows your brand to stand out? Foamex board can be cut to bespoke shapes too.
  • Various thicknesses. The variation in thickness means you can opt for a sign that has more rigidity to it.


  • Cost-effective. Every business, large and small has one eye on the marketing budget and clearly, will want a cost-effective solution for signs, display panels and similar. Foamex board is a fantastic cost-effective investment that in most situations, and one that will last a long time. For example, interior signs can last three to five years – it tends to be the content that is time-limited over the longevity of the Foamex sign.
  • A cheaper solution than other common signage materials. From plywood to other specialist materials, Foamex can be a cheaper material meaning your budget stretches further.

Easy to Transport + Display

  • Easy to fix. If you are looking for signage or panels that you can move, the 3mm and 5mm thick Foamex boards can be fixed to interior walls using Velcro. For other boards, fixing them to walls, doors and poles is simple. Just use fixings suitable for the surface. It is easy to drill holes in Foamex and fix it almost anything!
  • Lightweight. It doesn’t have to be a two-person job either, to use these boards. We know many of our customers order these as advertising and promotional boards because they are easy for staff to handle.
  • Fade-resistant, high-quality, full-colour print. We think this final point speaks for itself!


How our customers have used Foamex boards

We have printed boards for a range of customers and clients. Some have used this style of signage for use at trade shows and found it a great option for adding signage to their space or creating a backdrop against which their booth stands out.

We also know of clients who have used them for seasonal campaigns and for sales and promotions. Smaller signs are great for point of sale stands, as well as around the tills.

As they are lightweight, Foamex board signs can be hung above the till area to direct customers to the payment point, as well as pointing in the right direction of the changing rooms, the exit, emergency exits and so on.


Foamex Cons

There are a few cons to Foamex. There is no point in pretending that it is a material that can do everything and anything. To do so would mean you may not choose the right material for the job.

  • Doesn’t last as long outside. Weather is harsh. From blistering sun to howling gales and lashing rain, weather can quickly get ‘under the skin’ of the Foamex sign. If you want outdoor signage that is cost-effective but just as versatile, consider the outdoor banners made from a thicker material suitable for outdoor use.
  • They can warp. Choosing the right thickness of Foamex board is essential in your signage being able to offer what you need it to do. Just because something is ‘temporary’ or for one-off use only doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be of great quality. The thinner Foamex boards (3mm) can easily warp, not a good look for any brand.

Having said that, Foamex board remains a popular choice for customers. Cost-effective with stunning colour reproduction, it is a versatile option that works well in most situations. Why not discuss your requirements with our team to get the best results?