Why You Should Send Personalised Christmas Cards to Clients and Business Partners

Why You Should Send Personalised Christmas Cards to Clients and Business Partners

As the season of festive cheer approaches, it’s time to think about your business approach. Even if you’re not a big fan of Yuletide, it’s important to use the opportunity to create a feel-good buzz about your company.

Christmas cards aren’t as commonplace now as they have been in the past, and you may be wondering whether it’s worth your time and effort to send one. But push those humbugs to one side for a moment, and put a little jingle in your bells because this could be an excellent chance to reconnect with your clients.

Don’t settle for just sending out some dreary Christmas cards that will be instantly swallowed up by the masses; make a little effort and create a personalised card instead. Christmas card printing is no more difficult or expensive than flyers and business cards- but it’s just as important. Here’s why you should go the extra mile and send your client and business partners personalised cards this Christmas:-


Make them feel valued

 Everyone likes to feel special and a Christmas card from a business is an unexpected surprise. A great way to get in touch with your business partners and clients, sending a card shows them that you’ve remembered them.

However, sending a personalised card goes even further, and will certainly win you brownie points for the rest of the year. The recipient will feel valued and it will appear as if you’ve put in real effort to send them season’s greetings, even if in reality the card printing was relatively inexpensive and easy!

Recover lost connections

 When you’re trying to keep your business running from day to day, there are often opportunities which can be lost along the way. Perhaps it was a business arrangement which came to an end or a client contract which lapsed.

It’s difficult to find enough hours in the day to keep in touch with everyone, and taking the time to reconnect with past clients and associates can be challenging. It can also be quite sensitive as it’s difficult to send a communication out of the blue without appearing pushy. This is why Christmas is the ideal time of year. Sending a personalised Christmas card to a past client or business partner shows that you remember them and value the connection that you previously had.

Use Christmas as a chance to get back in touch with past clients by sending a card, and you never know, it might just re-open the channels of communication once again.


Stand out for the right reasons

 Sending out a Christmas card from your company is a thoughtful gesture and one that not every business makes. By sending clients and partners a Christmas card, you’re instantly showing that you go one step further than everyone else. However, a generic Christmas card can easily be lost. A personalised Christmas card, however, is instantly memorable. With a row of cards on a shelf, it’s not always easy to recall who sent which one.

Having a personalised card in the collection means that the recipient will think of you every time they see it. Amongst the sea of a thousand snowmen, reindeer and Santa designs, your personalised card will be different. This gives the recipient a subconscious little nudge about your company every time they see it.


Affordable quality

 The Christmas card you send speaks volumes about your company and the intrinsic values you hold. Something that’s cheap, flimsy and poor quality will reflect on your business in all the wrong ways.

When you send a Christmas card, you want to convey the message that your brand is of high quality- and about professionalism. It’s surprisingly affordable and the personalised approach will show that your business values high quality. Good marketing is about using every opportunity to make a connection and convey a message, and a good quality personalised card will do just that.


Just as easy as flyers or business cards!

 As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons why sending personalised Christmas cards to business partners or clients is a good idea. And it really doesn’t have to be painful! If you’ve organised flyers or business cards, you can approach this in the same way. Make sure you send a personalised seasonal message that will start the new year with you in your clients’ good books.

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