All questions that swirl around the vast topics of digital and offline marketing. It can be confusing knowing which marketing channel to use and when. Marketing trends come and go so fast that it can feel like you are constantly trying to catch up.

The numbers make for fantastic reading – take a look at the Return on Investment (ROI) you will get with email marketing or spending on search engine optimisation (SEO).

Other marketing tools can have a powerful impact too, such as Content Marketing and Social Media Ads.

And offline marketing is as strong as ever, despite us living in a digital world. Again, the options are many, ranging from marketing calls to on-the-street guerrilla marketing. There are many effective offline marketing tools at your disposal.

Which channels are the right for you?

Every business has a different consumer base, different budget and different geographical reach. What is right for one business with respect to online and offline marketing tools and activities, will need tweaking for another.

It can be tempting to think that all social media marketing works, or that every leaflet you produce with will worth the paper it is written on.

If you fail to answer the basic questions of who and why your marketing will fail to hit its mark.

Know your content marketing from your event marketing…

Do you worry about the jargon? Do you think your business should be part of a trend? Take a look at what all the jargon means as well as all the tools at your disposal within the world of online and offline marketing.

And don’t forget, any mix from either of these marketing worlds will work. There is no need to choose one over the other.

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