What difference could a ‘welcome pack’ make to your business?

The answer is that it could make a huge difference.

When you bag a new customer, you need to show them from the start that they have made a good decision.

You may find that new customers ask you similar questions, which is where a welcome pack comes into play. It could be the very thing you need to give customers information on what happens next, who is who, who is responsible for what and so on.

A welcome pack is not a frivolous waste of money - it is an opportunity to enhance first impressions and deepen the customer’s understanding of your business.

What to Include in a Welcome Pack?

You need to think through the design and content of the welcome pack so that it gives people the information that they need, in the right format.

Here are our suggestions as to what makes a welcome pack valuable to customers;

i.                    Business cards

A business card is a powerful tool. In this case, it is the equivalent of an introductory handshake. It gives your client quick and easy access to all the contact information they need. They can pass this card to others, or keep it handy for when they need to contact you.

ii.            A Welcome Letter

This is basically a friendly hello to your new customer. A ‘welcome to our business’ letter sets the tone and gives the right impression. It doesn’t need to be overly formal, but try not to slip into the mistake of making it too ‘chummy’.

Tell them why you are excited that they have chosen your business and what great benefits they will be getting. This all needs to be on a letterhead so that your brand is consistent right through your welcome pack.

iii.           Booklet/Catalogue/Brochure

It depends on the nature of your business as to whether this is something you would include. But this is the document that goes into detail of the product and/or service you are offering.

You can showcase your product range, show them what else you do etc. we also think that a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section in your brochure works well.

iv.           Flyer

A flyer is a great way of giving succinct information on what your business does and the benefits of being involved.

Some companies use this as a means of gaining referrals from current customers. Add discount codes for referring new customers and other incentives.

You could also use the flyer as a means of gaining feedback from customers about the whole welcome process. Ask them what works well and what could be improved, along with any suggestions they have. They could do this on the flyer which they then mail back, or use an online feedback system.

v.            ‘Thank you’ card or Postcard

You want your customer to know that they are important, and their custom is valued. We think a thank you card or postcard is the perfect way of capturing this.

Sticking with your brand and logo, create a thank you card or postcard that fits with the rest of the pack and has content that really shows the customer that they are a valuable addition.

Some companies we know handwrite cards too, adding an extra layer of personalisation. This can go down well with customers and clients.

vi.           Stickers

You may think that stickers and branded items such as these are frivolous and slightly out of place in a welcome pack that is attempting to send a serious message to customers.

However, stickers can be useful – seal the welcome pack with a sticker – and by including an extra few in the pack, you are expanding the possibilities of where your logo can be seen.

Keep them stylish and well-designed – you will be surprised at just how well received these smaller details are!

vii.          The Folder

To top it all off, you need all these items to be well-presented in a presentation folder.

Like the items in the welcome pack, it needs to be well designed, stylish and branded. There is a growing range of different types of folders that work well.

The envelope folder is, as you would expect, a large folder that can be sealed. There are also folding presentation folders. They can be bi-fold or three-fold, opening up written content and graphics before your customer.

Printing on the inside and covers of the folder is another platform to show customers what a friendly, reliable and professional business you are.

There is no doubt in the benefits of branded welcome packs, irrespective of what your business does or provides customers. It shows you are organised and carries important information. They can be the basis of a fantastic, long-lasting partnership between you and your customer.