How You Can Maximise Your Banner’s Potential

How You Can Maximise Your Banner’s Potential

Maximising your banner’s potential and impact is simple with our step-by-step guide. So, before you commission banner stand printing, take a moment to get the low down on what makes a banner truly stand out (and which pitfalls to avoid too!).


Step 1 – The design process

You have a reason as to why you are spending your promotional budget on banner stand printing. They are cost-effective with a longevity that makes them a worthwhile investment. Because of this, you want them to be as effective as possible.

This is about the design process and when it comes to pitfalls, there are many that we have helped our customers to successfully navigate around;

  • NOT having an objective. What is it you want the banner to achieve? Is it to impart important contact information or to advertise an event at a certain date, time and venue? Understand what you want the banner to achieve is essential for informing the designing process.
  • NOT thinking through the text and image. From spelling mistakes to clumsy grammar, there are all kinds of mistakes that can creep in that reduces the impact on your banner. Before committing to print, play around with words and the message. Experiment with different images too. Get a fresh pair of eyes to give their instant reaction to what they see and think about the banner.


Step 2 – Understanding how and where it will be used

In some ways, the cost-effectiveness of banner printing is its own worst enemy. Because they are relatively cost-effective, some businesses design and order them without really thinking it through, only to be disappointed that they don’t perform like they thought they would or should.

Again, the design and print team at Colour Graphics can help you circumnavigate these pitfalls;

  • Inside or outside? – some banners are better for outdoor use than others. From sun bleaching the colours to the wind ripping it, a stronger material is needed for outdoors than those used indoors.
  • Material – as well as PVC coated banners, fabric printing is also making popular inroads with customers. In effect, choosing the right banner material is important because it is all about impressions. Again, this comes down to how and why you are opting for banner printing over and above other promotional printed tools.


Step 3 – Where will you use it, why and how?

Banners are used in all kinds of locations and this has a bearing on not only material choice but design and typography too.

If your banner isn’t in the right place, then the right people aren’t going to see it…

  • Distance. Banners are sometimes used to attract attention from a distance. When this is the case, you need bold, colourful design but need less design clutter, with plenty of ‘white space’. Images also need to be printed slightly differently so that the eye can make sense of them from a distance.
  • Close up. When your audience or customer will be closer to your banner, you need to scrutinise the detail of it. This could be roller banners, for example, used as part of a conference set up or in your retail outlet.
  • Not including online links. There is no reason why your offline and online marketing should be separate. One supports the other and vice versa and so on banners, don’t forget to include your website address or why not opt for a QR code too?


Step 4 – Typography

For any banner printing assignment, we always suggest to the customer that they consider typography or the style of font being used. Some are clearer to read than others but, the style of font is also important in conveying the right impression. It might be your favourite font, but you will be amazed at how other people ‘see’ your chosen font and the message it conveys.


Step 5 – Get them professionally designed

Again, its cost-effective belies the complex nature of banner printing as an effective promotional method. And so, the temptation is to keep the cost low and design it yourself.

This doesn’t mean that all DIY designed banners are flawed. But it makes sense to get them professionally designed and printed.

The design team will ask you key questions that hone your way of thinking, so you will get a better product. Why not call us about your next banner printing project?

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