Which Material Should You Use for Printing Banners?

Which Material Should You Use for Printing Banners?

Which backdrop is better – vinyl or fabric? It is a common question and one that we are asked regularly.

Is Vinyl or Fabric Better for Promotional Banners?

Of course, the answer depends very much on how you intend to use the banner, as well as the proposed design, the reason why you are opting for a banner over other promotional tools and to a lesser degree, your budget.

Vinyl Banners

There are many pros to investing in these cost-effective banners;

  • Durable. As a material, it is incredibly durable meaning that if you want longevity out of your banner, this is the perfect option.
  • Outdoor. If you want to use the banners outdoors, opt for the more robust vinyl banner that can withstand the weather.
  • UV protection. Wind is an enemy of outdoors banners, as is bleaching from the sun. but again, with UV protection, they can remain looking pristine for a year or more.
  • Fantastic colour reproduction. You invest in banners to make your business stand out and as such, you want fantastic colour reproduction. Many customers find that the material is ideal for adding extra zing to their chosen colour palette.
  • Opaque or partly transparent. For a fantastic effect, you can opt for a transparent banner or for great colour reproduction, stick with the opaque finish.

What about the cons?

In terms of vinyl banner printing, there are few cons, but they are worth considering. We find that people tend to steer away from vinyl banners for their own subjective reasons. In other words, they don’t like them or the final effect!

Unfortunately, vinyl banners, unless rolled, will crease and once they have started to do this, creases can be hard to ‘iron’ out.

Some people also find them unwieldy. They can be big and heavy to handle, and difficult to store. They should be rolled to minimise damage too.

Some people feel that the final look too ‘cheap’ and the creases etc. from trying to handle the banner leads to a less than professional look.

In summary…

That said, they are cost-effective, versatile addition to your marketing arsenal. Great for when you intend leaving it in situ for some time. If you are intending to move it on a regular basis, we may be able to help with better solutions.

Overall, as banner printing goes, the fantastic colour reproduction is great and for a minimal cost too.

Fabric banners

A relatively new, and underused material when it comes to banner printing in our opinion. Thankfully, we are seeing more companies and brands come to our way of thinking and realising the full potential of fabric banners.

There are many reasons why they are popular;

  • Wrinkle, stain, crease, tear and fire resistant. No explanation is needed here. But it’s worth knowing as these are all concerns that customers raise when looking at fabric banners.
  • Foldable for easy storage. They can be folded neatly which means that storing them is not big deal. This is perfect for when you want to create a banner library of options for use at various times of the year.
  • Lightweight. As there is little weight to them, they are perfect for when you want to move your banner, such as on the exhibition circuit.
  • Ironable. If you so see an annoying crease or wrinkle, just use a cool iron on the reverse side and hey presto, your banner is back to looking pristine.
  • Different ‘weights’ available. Like paper weight, fabric comes in different weight finishes too, from thin and lightweight for flags, to thick and heavier examples for printed fabric walls.
  • Vibrant colours and image reproduction. Like their vinyl counterparts, fabric banners boast exceptional colour and image reproduction, perfect for highlighting your brand.
  • Great for media events. More so when photographs are to be taken as they absorb the flash of a camera, rather than reflect it.

What about the downside of fabric banner printing?

There are a few downsides to fabric banners, such as the possibility of increased maintenance time. This only really affects your banners if they are not folded and stored correctly. If not, you will have to spend time ironing them so that they are wrinkle-free and hang beautifully.

For larger fabric banners, you may need to use weights to help them hang better to create a better impression. In effect, a large fabric banner is like a curtain. If the fabric is too lightweight, it won’t ‘stretch’ as well as heavier fabric.

In summary…

Fabric banners are great for the trade show and exhibition circuit. Although, you will need to pay attention to how you handle and store them.

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