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  1. Outrage marketing: why shock sells

    Any press is good press - a mantra that is heavily relied upon when it comes to outrage marketing (which you might know as ‘shock advertising’). Can you remember the last social post by a brand tha[...]

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  2. The importance of avoiding unethical advertising practices

    There are times in your marketing career where you will naturally question the ethics of a campaign, or may even be involved in something that is deemed unethical. Try as you might, it can be unavoidable[...]

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  3. Top Pub Promotion Ideas

    In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to up your marketing game and attract more customers – especially when you are in the hospitality sector. For pubs, it’s easy to hit a midweek ‘slum[...]

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  4. Innovative Uses for QR Codes

    Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you will have probably heard that QR Codes are becoming the latest technology trend. But what are  QR codes used for, exactly, and[...]

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  5. Essential Higher Education Marketing Strategies

    Thanks to modern life, the world of higher education marketing is moulding into a completely new spectrum. Here we discuss the essential higher education marketing strategies that are boosting enrolment[...]

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  6. Customer retention - how to create long-lasting relationships with your customers

    You’ve worked hard, gotten past the objections, and you’ve landed a customer. Whether they are your first customer or your ten-thousandth, what’s the most critical factor now?

    Keeping them[...]

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  7. Self-Adhesive Vinyl - what is it?

    Self-adhesive vinyl falls firmly into the ‘does what it says on the tin’ when it comes to naming conventions.

    It’s vinyl[...]

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  8. How can you use direct marketing strategies?

    Printed leaflets might feel out-dated in a world of social media; however, it can be a highly effective[...]

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  9. Why you should engage in an omnichannel marketing strategy

    Working online is a
    no-brainer.  It is the most powerful
    route to the biggest market.  However,
    you should not discard your graphic[...]

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  10. Marketing a charity – the do’s and don’ts

    Charity marketing is involved.  You need to capture the emotions of the
    audience without being too manipulative and too exploitative. A great marketing

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  11. Networking 101: How to network successfully

    One piece of essential kit when you are networking is the business card. You
    will find it strangely[...]

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  12. Top marketing trends (updated for 2021)

    As we come to the end of what has been a fraught and uncertain year for many businesses, thoughts are understandably turning to 2021. Thankfully, we’re ending the year with a renewed sense of optimism a[...]

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