Using adhesive vinyl is an easy way to promote your brand, and there are so many ways to utilise it. Explore how your business can use self-adhesive vinyl.

Cost-effective, self-adhesive vinyl is a fantastic medium for getting your marketing message in front of customers. But what is it and how can you use it to maximum effect?

What is self-adhesive vinyl?

It is a flexible, versatile material that is used to create eye-catching signs. Many businesses use it as a material for sticking onto company vehicles, as well as walls, windows and so on.

We also have many personal customers who order shapes and designs for their home, such as creating fantastic wall art for bedrooms.

It is a material that is easy to work with. In other words, applying it to a surface and removing it (with the use of heat) is super easy.

High quality self-adhesive vinyl printing doesn’t fade quickly, it is robust and strong, capable of withstanding high temperatures. It is affected by water either, a reason why it is perfect for outside applications.

Business uses for self-adhesive vinyl

There are many ways in which business utilise this material for promotion and marketing;

Window stickers

Many businesses use this material as a means of placing their logo, opening times and other important information on the windows of their property. It can be a cheaper alternative to window decals. Especially if you are placing it on the outside of the window.

It is easily applied but just as important, it can be easily removed. With many eye-catching colours to choose from, it is no wonder that many businesses choose self-adhesive vinyl to promote their business.

Wall art

Promoting your business is not just about the ‘basics’ – the logo, the contact details and so on – it is the process of creating your brand voice.

This is the personal connection between you and your customer and is not be underestimated. EVERYTHING you do contributes, informes and drives your brand voice. That includes the decoration and styling of any areas of your business your customers can access.

Why not create an interesting piece of wall art? As well as forming a colourful and stylish backdrop, it can also be a talking point – and word-of-mouth is surely still the most powerful offline marketing tool every business has.


Vehicle signage

Company vehicles are an important asset to your business and self-adhesive vinyl is an incredibly cost-effective way of highlighting your logo, your business and brand to people.

When it comes to logo recognition, customers need to see it several times before they begin they associate with your business. Even a small-ish logo in the corner of a business vehicle can be an effective tool in creating a familiarity with your business.

Interested in self-adhesive signs for your company vehicles? Talk to our team to make sure you get the right vinyl.


Banners and shop signage

Because it is easy to design and use – as well as being a cost-effective investment – many businesses use sticky vinyl lettering for banners, as well as for a ‘temporary’ shop signage.

The cost-effectiveness of this style of promotional tool makes it the ideal solution for one-off uses. For example, it could be used to promote an event. Or for the short term, it could be utilised as a temporary sign.

But it is also an option for longer-term use too. So don’t assume that because it is a thin, flexible material that is it fragile.

Vinyl can be cut into all kinds of shapes, designs and lettering. With a range of colours and finishes also available, you can create something truly bespoke for your business.

Why opt for vinyl signs?

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough deciding on the right material for your promotional tools, but self-adhesive vinyl has many benefits;

  • Weather-resistant. Not only does it last a long time, it also stays looking great for longer. This is because, as a material, it has excellent heat and water-resistant properties.
  • Long-lasting. Outside signage lasts a minimum of 5 years although depending on where it is placed, it could last much longer. Interior vinyl designs can last three times as long.
  • Flexible, easy to shape and use. From straightforward designs and lettering to quirky shapes and styles, the finished product designs can be almost limitless. Especially when you have our design team on the job!

There are many applications for self-adhesive vinyl, so why not consider all your options with our design team?