Food is an important part of Christmas and many festive shoppers will linger rather than running in and out of the shops as quickly as possible.

If you are a food-based business, then a street food stall is a great way of selling delicious food to the passing throngs of shoppers. But, like any other business, you need to give consumers some basic information before they buy- and what better way than investing in cost-effective printed material, such as posters, banner printing and flyers?
Before you take the plunge, how do you know your street food stall will work? How do you know people will buy… and why from YOU?

How Should You Market Your Street Food Stall?

1. Treat it Like a Business (because it is one)

Food can be a difficult area to do business, not least of all because of the need for insurance, as well as a high level of food hygiene. People need to be confident when they buy from you, they are not only buying a delicious product but one that is safe! You need to have an air of confidence and find a way to convey this to people walking by.

2. Show Off Your Differences

We are all conscious about where our food comes from, as well as the welfare of any animals involved. Your street food stall needs to stand out from the crowd. If you use local produce, tell people! If you use only organic or free-from products, then say so… and don’t forget to use emotive words like ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’ and others! Don't forget that at Christmas markets- quirkiness sells, and people are very willing to try new foods.

3. Research

Choose your market based on the kind of food that has been there over the past few years. Track which stalls keep going back- are they similar to the types of food you sell? If so, you're probably onto a winner. Always make sure you aren't going to overcrowd though- nobody wants 10 stalls selling sausages.

4. TELL people what they are eating and why they need to sample it!

We have advocated that you use your marketing and promotional material to tell people how you are different, but it is also important to tell people what they're eating, what they can order, how the whole things works
Street food stalls are great for introducing new or traditional foods – just think of roasting chestnuts at Christmas! A traditional food but not many of us have these at home, so why should people try them with you?

5. Change Your Product to Fit the Seasons

This can seem so obvious that it isn’t worth spelling out but, just in case, you do need to ensure that your street food stall is appropriate for the season.
You need to fit with the seasons and the weather; hot weather needs cool food and drinks, and vice versa.

6. Test and learn

Offering new products is great and street food stalls are the perfect vehicle for this. Alongside your popular menu, you could add a special product, but even better is making this new product available by making sure people know about it.
Roller banners and outdoor posters are brilliant ways of telling people what is new.


7. Use social media too

Don’t think that you can’t use social media if you are mobile food stall. You can show people you are on various social media sites by including logos on your banner.

8. How can people book you…?

Many street food stall businesses are often asked to attend events, because the style of their food fits with the event, for example, burger and chips at firework displays, local meat produce at summer country fairs etc. But, you only get booking if people know how to book you.