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Marketing is necessary. Without it, there is no brand, no awareness, no customers and no business.

Getting it right is important. Investing in pay-per-click advertising or a poster in a bus shelter may not ticking all the boxes if any at all. It could be money wasted.

A dangerous notion is that digital or online marketing is the only way to advertise, an easy assumption to make as we live in a digital, connected age. But offline advertising or marketing still has a crucial role to play.

Printed adverts, mailshots, TV and radio adverts and so on, are all marketing tools on which companies still spend a proportion of their marketing budgets, with surprising results.

And it is this discussion on results which is important. Return on Investment (ROI) is the metric by which success of a marketing campaign, online, offline or both is measured. Without constantly monitoring, a business cannot innovate its marketing campaign to reach its target audience.

Online marketing is not just about banner adverts; it is about influencing key people too. Offline marketing is not an activity that should be performed in isolation.

As this infographic shows, the online or offline marketing debate spills some surprising results. It shows how influential companies are using both, dovetailing their offline presence with their online one. The marketing budget, regardless of how much cash is in the pot, can work incredibly hard, with an ROI that exceeds expectation.

Take a browse through the statistics and research – how will your offline and online marketing change?

how offline and online marketing can work together