Floor graphics are self adhesive vinyl stickers with a design printed on one side.

They are removable and to some extent movable and great for making a splash whether you’re at an event or just want to do something a little edgier with your advertising.

Floor graphics are a form of disruptive marketing that very few businesses take advantage of.

When used correctly they can be absolutely killer in terms of raising brand awareness and engagement with your business.

Right now, floor graphics are really popular to signpost social distancing, remind people about the Covid19 rules and generally to keep people safe.

If you have customers in your business at any time and you need to guide them around your unit in a certain direction or to help them maintain a two metre distance then floor graphics are a colourful and effective way to do that!

Because of the adhesive that’s used there’s no residue and no damage so you can stick them to carpets, pavements, wood floors and the like.

Although just be mindful about varnishes and such. You don’t want to damage anything.

Let’s look at when you can actually put this stuff to use.

When to use Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are fantastic for getting people’s attention in a fresh and unconventional way. Right now it’s less about the sale and more about helping to keep your customers safe in your environment by reminding them about social distancing.

We see billboards and posters in shop windows but unless we’re in the market for that product, it’s just another part of life. An everyday occurrence. 

Floor graphics look fantastic. 

The substrate takes ink beautifully so your design really pops. It’s also incredibly hard wearing and weather resistant which means they can be stuck more or less anywhere. 

When we no longer have to rely on reminders to keep our distance there are lots of great uses for floor graphics...

If you’re a sandwich deli and you want more of the office trade, stick graphics outside of offices within walking distance.

If you’re at an event and your competitors are going to be there, be sneaky and put graphics near their booths telling punters where they can find yours.

Floor graphics can lead a path from one part of your high street to another.

They can be turned into a game for children to engage with, leading them to a clothes or shoe shop. Ideal for those start of term essentials.

Or why not use them to tell a story?

After all not everything should be a hard sell. A well designed floor graphic with a simple message can put customers at their ease. 

Or help them understand that something perceived as complicated - like taking a flight - can be effortless with the right help.

Floor graphics are an opportunity to communicate with your customers in a way they’re not used to. Which means they’re far more likely to pay attention.

What about wear and tear?

These graphics are temporary. That means that after a while they will start to scuff and fade. Especially if they’re in a high traffic area like a street or the main thoroughfare of a shopping centre.

It’s inevitable - you put something on the floor and it’s going to get worn out. Your carpets are no exception so why should a graphic?

In order to protect your own brand make sure you take them up (and replace them if necessary) before that happens.

A scuffed and worn floor graphic only makes people associate you with being scuffed and worn. Unless you’re selling you’re selling worn-look jeans that’s not a good look for you.

It’s up to you how long you want to run the campaign for but having spares is advisable purely so you can replace those that are really taking a pounding.

Also you need to be aware of what you can and can’t get away with. Before you plaster your high street with cool graphics, make sure the local authority won’t slap you with a fine for doing so.

Equally if you operate in a shopping centre or want to advertise, make sure it’s okay first.

The same goes for events too. Most of the time the organisers won’t care as it doesn’t really affect them but a little courtesy goes a long way.

Convincing someone of your value so they spend money with you is one thing. Convincing them that someone else sucks so they spend money with you is another. 

Whatever your design, shape or intended purpose, we can help you produce floor graphics that will wow and delight your customers plus keep them abiding by the Covid19 laws and regulations!

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