We often think of offline and online marketing as being two distinct processes and activities. And yet, they can be become intertwined, producing fantastic results for a business.


Chatbots is a technical tool that you can create and use on Facebook and other social media platforms that help to maintain customer connections.

There are many reasons why this automated response is useful for promotional purposes – firstly, they offer a personalised, almost human-like response to when a customer makes an initial query. It is a specialised tool, creating a response that deals with the initial query and continues to cultivate the all-important connection.

People understand chatbots but how does it link to offline marketing?

Offline marketing and chatbots

From creating events to marketing campaigns, consumers face a barrage of information on a daily basis. But in amongst this information, they will snippets about your product, brand or event.

If interested, they may want to ask a question. But fielding all the questions from customers can be resource heavy. Directing them to online or social media channels is one way of directing them to readily available information.

But sometimes, this isn’t enough, but a Facebook chatbot could be the tool that offers the personalised response that keeps the customer hooked.

Get clued up on chatbots and offline marketing

Chatbots is a growing industry and one that every brand and business needs to take notice of. Easy and simple to use, when linked with offline marketing, your business can really reap the rewards.

To find out to use chatbots with your offline marketing campaigns, you need this infographic from print specialists Colour Graphics. Clearly highlighting the importance of chatbots and with suggestions for how to link with other forms of marketing for maximum effect, why not take a look?

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Facebook Messenger Bots and Offline Marketing Can Work Together