Fabric Printing – A Fresh Way of Marketing

Fabric Printing – A Fresh Way of Marketing

Fabric is a material we have long used in many different applications but in terms of marketing, what fresh perspectives can it offer your business? With many brands using printed fabrics tools as a means of revitalising their marketing strategies, is this something you can emulate?

For any business, ensuring that their logo and brand are recognised is an essential driver of growth. This means identifying and exploiting every opportunity to place your logo in front of your customers and clients.

Is Fabric Printing the Way Forward?

Fabric printing is a technology that has been around in various forms for many years now. But in the past, the printing technology and colour reproduction have not been at the top end of its game. In other words, the results of some fabric or garment printed items was less than brilliant.

Poor colour reproduction and the poor finish meant for a poor message to consumers. Thus, businesses tended to stay away from fabric printing.

Until now.

Why opt for fabric printing?

  • Classic, yet different – lightweight, fabric banners, for example, offer a classic yet vibrant finish and a great addition to your marketing arsenal.
  • Texture and finish – different textures create different finishes, something that you can harness for your business.
  • Reusable – robust and durable, it is possible to reuse the fabric printed many, many times (with some being washable too).
  • Environmentally friendly – as a business, you are probably keenly aware of not contributing to landfill or irresponsible use of plastic. Fabric is much easier to recycle when you no longer have a use for the item.
  • Range of products – the range of products is growing…

Fabric printed products

  • Displays

For any business, but especially those in retail, there is a need for clear signage to point your customers in the right direction, to give them clear instructions as well as to create a pleasant backdrop that makes shopping in your store a pleasing experience.

Printed fabric or canvas displays are the perfect solutions. Adding texture and depth to a space, fabric, the colour reproduction also makes for a more vibrant finish to images and texts.

  • Lightboxes

Lightboxes illuminate the poster contained within it but did you know you can get printed fabric inserts? Illuminating the fabric with such a fantastic colour reproduction means that the colours really d stand out. And because they are easier to recycle and reuse, they make a cost-effective alternative to laminated posters.

Smaller, pod displays

At exhibitions and trade shows, as well as in a retail unit etc., having smaller pieces of printed items around the space can make a vast difference to how it looks. It is also a great opportunity to keep placing your logo, strapline and so on right in front of your customers. This small fabric printed pod uses stretchy fabric that doesn’t compromise the print nor colour reproduction quality.

  • Soft furnishings

It is now also possible to have printed soft furnishings that can add a real zest and zing to a room or space. Better still, when you feel these items have had ‘their time’ for now, you can store them away and they can be re-used at another time. They are also machine washable (check the wash instructions!) giving them a new lease of life.

  • Cushions covers – from a logo-festooned cushion covers to one that contains bespoke images, these are an inexpensive way of adding something extra to chairs or sofas.
  • Voile panels – these look great hanging as features in windows, as well as a myriad of other uses such as for use in windows displays. Again, voile panels can be printed with any image, with the colour reproduction being fantastic.

There are also other items such as sails, heavy blackout curtains as well as flags and much, much more.


Just enough, too little or over the top?

On one hand, you need to place your logo or similar in front of people hundreds of times before they remember who you are.

But on the other, you don’t want everything to be plastered with your logo or message. If you look at big brands, you will see that there is no such as thing as too much or over the top. But there is such as thing as not enough when it comes to logo printed items.

It is about creating a bespoke, branded look and with cost-effective fabric printing, the options are open to you too. If you don’t want to use the same logo or pattern or image, use your chosen colour palette instead. Colour is important in getting your brand noticed. Technology that has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and as a result, the products are simply awesome!

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