The Industrial Revolution drove change with looms and steam. Today our industrial world is driven by technology.

The Digital Age is well and truly upon us. It has revolutionised so many parts of our lives, and to an extent has abolished many things that used to be standard in the business world. Do we still need exhibitions and trade shows when we can view whatever we want and communicate online so easily?

Critics agree that there will be changes in the 'look' of exhibition or trade show stands. They will evolve and take on a new look and purpose. The digital age is not about making everything obsolete, it's about making changes that support the new era of technology. Businesses should try and embrace the new look and feel of trade shows, and use the changes to their advantage.

Changing your Trade Show Stand

In the past, the trade show has been a simple tool. Complete with lighting and a printed backdrop, you and your staff probably spent many hours collecting information from people, interacting and possibly demonstrating products.

In some ways, this may not change, but you might want to look into revamping your trade show stand.

  • Gadgets – touchscreen PCs and tablets are commonplace in businesses and homes across the country. Utilising this technology means you can connect with people in different ways. You can entice them to look at what your business offers through a digital medium.
  • Social Media – social media is a powerful tool for any business. It helps you to connect and engage with fans and customers. As well as promoting products and services, it allows you to promote your business AT the trade show- instantaneously.
  • Internet hotspot – most of us are hooked up to the internet 24/7. A good way to draw people to your trade show stand is by setting up a hotspot where they can connect to WiFi and send messages, tweet or update their social media platform. Ask them to thank you on social media, using your hashtag to help it trend.

Are Exhibitions and Trade Shows Still Worth Attending?

We think so, and so do plenty of other businesses. But why?

Human interaction. Connecting with people face-to-face, making personal connections and starting long-term business relationships come from the very valuable process of talking with people.

Even in the digital age, exhibitions and trade shows are still a valuable addition to your promotional campaign because of the people who attend.

  • ‘Old’ customers and contacts – if you have been in business for a long time, you will understand the importance of talking with, connecting with and catching up with acquaintances and contacts. You can get the low down on what the market and trading conditions are like for them, as well as the latest trends and ideas coming forward. You wouldn’t necessarily have had this one-off chat via email.
  • Potential new ones – depending on the nature of your business, you may need to meet with potential customers a few times to win their trust and confidence.  For many businesses, meeting potential new customers and investors started at a trade show or exhibition, ending with a large account some weeks down the line.
  • Bloggers, journalists and industry influencers – it is a chance to show your business to key people. We don’t just mean customers and investors. We mean the other movers and shakers in the industry – the influential bloggers, the influencers and key speakers, along with industry journalists that prowl their way through the exhibition halls.

Creating Exhibition Stands that Stand Out

It is more important than ever to create trade show or exhibition stands that grab the attention of the delegates.

In the digital age, your stand needs to be tech savvy without completely selling out to the digital age. Make sure your stand doesn't just become a place for people to log on and check their emails.

You have to create an exhibition stand that entices people but still offers them key information. Create the right impression in seconds by having a stand backdrop that is professionally designed and printed to the highest standard.

At Colour Graphics, we have a design service as well as a range of quality exhibition materials that suit all businesses and all budgets. Call our team today.