1. Tips and Tricks for Great Events Programme Leaflets

    If you have an up and coming event, you need to ensure you create a programme so that attendees know the itinerary for the day. One of the ways to do this is through an events programme leaflet,[...]

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  2. Are Exhibitions and Trade Shows Still Relevant in the Digital Age

    The Industrial Revolution drove change with looms and steam. Today our industrial world is driven by technology.

    The Digital Age is well and truly upon us. It has revolutionised so many parts[...]

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  3. The 7 Best Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

    The main reason you invest time, money and energy into trade shows is so that you can capture a whole new swathe of leads.


    Once you have these leads - conversations and contact[...]

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  4. A Simple Guide to Lighting your Exhibition Stand

    What springs to mind when planning, designing and creating an effective exhibition stand?


    No doubt you will be concentrating all your efforts on making the stand as attractive[...]

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