Imagine if you created an advertising campaign that not only made people stop, smile and think- but impacted them enough to start a social media discussion about it?

In other words, advertising and promotional campaigns are only as effective as the creativity behind them. There are many ways you can grab the attention of your customers, promote your product and cement your brand.

Standing Out in a Sea of Competition

The scene above could be from any busy, thriving city. A cacophony of competing adverts and promotions, colours and logos.

For brands like Virgin and Kodak, advertising is easy because they're recognisable. For a new business on the block, gaining this heightened sense of recognition takes many years.

But digital printing, including customised wallpaper and large format printing, can change advertising completely for businesses. The ability to customise large spaces with your branding is an easy, affordable way for smaller businesses to get themselves seen.

Getting to the Next Level: Thinking Outside the Box

There is a common mistake made across promotional tools- they are all treated the same.

And why not? You have spent a lot of time and money creating a fantastic magazine advert and consistency is key. So you should be able to scale up a magazine advert to a super-sized poster, right?

The answer is no, you can't just use the same advert across all platforms. It'll become repetitive and tired.  You could tackle this by using wide-format printing. ‘Specialist’ digital printing and graphics techniques can create large posters, wallpapers and other items. These can take on a slightly different look when lit from the front, from downlighters and from the back.

And not forgetting the links between the off and online worlds in which we live. Why not include QR codes? Or other digital codes and tools that can take a customer directly to your website with a quick scan via their smartphone.

A Range of Materials

Advances in digital printing technology also mean a growing range of materials suitable for wide and large format printing. From banners to foil, self-adhesive materials, textiles, Perspex and glass, along with metal sheets and wooden plants are all ideal materials for carrying your promotional message.

Many customers have one eye on the environmentally friendly tag, taking great strides to reduce any ill-effects on the environment brought about by their activities. Customers frown upon waste- so your business wants to ensure that they are getting value for money, as well as reducing waste.

Some materials cannot be recycled unless posted or dropped off at a specialist facility. Material manufacturers are themselves conscious of waste and impact on the environment, constantly looking at ways to reduce energy and water consumption in the production of materials, as well as making them recycle-friendly.

There is a growing choice of ‘green’ materials and very soon, it will be the norm as opposed to the sought-after.

Big Printing = Big Results (Possibly)

If you don’t work on a regular basis with large format products, such as billboards- you could underestimate their impact.

Large format printing materials are best used with large text and big detail. They are viewed from a distance, so too much detail means the impact is diminished.

Printing this way also saves ink and that means saving on costs. It also reduces waste and impact on the environment.

Digital printers will also suggest cutting costs further by reducing the range of colours used. For high-impact, large print promotional campaign, using less colour is more but this doesn’t mean greyscale printing. It means picking out detail with a colour but keeping the rest of the image simple.

Rely on a Large Format Digital Printing Company

Relying on a specialist company that is adept at designing for large format printing is the best move for any business unfamiliar with this technology.

Be inspired by others, create impactive campaigns and have a design printed across a range of wide format materials and tools for a fantastic campaign.