5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Through Advertising

5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Through Advertising

The lifeblood of any business is customers and so, it makes sense that as part of your overall business strategy, you continually market your business to new and returning customers.

But has marketing your business started to happen on ‘automatic pilot’? Are you really taking strides to connect with customers?

Connection and Engagement

Marketing is something every business does, but only a small fraction do well. You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands through a marketing agency to rectify, however. But what you may need to do is revisit the basics of marketing.

Promoting your brand, product or service is about connecting with people and engaging with them. And this means employing a range of ways of marketing and understanding that promoting your business is not just about selling.

If you want to generate positive engagement, you need these five tips for your latest business marketing strategy;


TIP 1 – Speak to your customer

You may have come across brand voice. This is the ‘voice’ that speaks across content and social media channels, and other online portals, to your customers.

It can be a fun, funky voice or it can have more of a serious tone. The right voice is not a case of ‘which one shall we use today?’ but one that is appropriate for your customer persona.

Companies and brands who successfully connect with their customers understand who their customers are – this is your brand’s customer or buyer persona. It is a character, if you like, created from understanding your customer demographics – are they male, female or gender-neutral? How old are they? Are they parents? Why do they buy a product like yours?

Connecting with customers through marketing is about speaking and listening, not blasting a sales message down a foghorn.


TIP 2 – Valuable insights

Content is part of marketing, but the problem is that competitors tend to re-hash the same topics and subjects. And this ‘sameness’ is not a great way to connect with customers.

And so, you need to be different but sometimes the answer is not to reinvent the wheel. The one thing customers love is exclusivity. And so, offer them something no one else is, whether that is a look behind the scenes or something entirely new that no competitor has thought of yet.


TIP 3 – Use emotions

What connects people to marketing, brands and products is emotions? From laughter to compassion, along with empathy, there is a myriad of emotions that you want to promote in your customer.

Laughter is an incredibly strong emotion. If you get it right, it is a brilliant marketing vehicle. But take care, as not everyone finds the same things funny.


TIP 4 – Be decisive and clear

What sets humans apart from other mammals and animals is our ability to think and express an opinion. But opinions are complicated things – what your brand supports, won’t be an opinion shared by others.

And so, the result can be that organisations and businesses sit on the fence. But this can turn out to be made from barbed wire. In other words, you look indecisive and unwilling to commit.

This doesn’t mean courting controversy but understanding that your customers will sometimes look to your business as an ‘expert’ in certain matters.

If you create tasty cupcakes, then you could choose to connect with customers by telling them how you only use eggs from chickens that are allowed to roam freely. Or, to support local farmers, you use their butter and milk.


TIP 5 – Ask questions

Encouraging healthy debate is also a great way to connect with customers but before you leap in with both feet, take a look at how other brands have done this successfully. You may also want to look at marketing campaigns that failed miserably and the reasons why

And so, the next time you create an online and offline campaign, consider asking a question.


And finally, connecting with customers is done through various mediums, from sharing funny stories on Twitter to informing customers of your business ethics via poster and banner printing.

The harsh truth is, every marketing has to have some kind of return but remember, not every campaign has to be so obvious in its selling tactics.

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