Why You Should Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Why You Should Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Online marketing – think pay-per-click (PPC), paid advertisements as well as natural, organic reach on social media – is powerful. Offline marketing – adverts, post campaigns etc. – may seem like old hat in the digital world. But it still has its place and with company after company showing that combining the two and showing us the powerful results isn’t it time we took more notice?

But how? Just how do offline marketing tools and tactics combine with online promotions to give the results that a business wants and needs?


Use online call-to-actions on offline media

From banners to posters, if you take notice of what is around you, you will see that virtually every major business ensures their brand is right in front of their customer. You can too but to add an extra dimension, make sure you include a call to action or a link to your website, social media channels etc. It could be as simple as ‘log on to be in with a chance of winning’…

Think longer term

Advertisements and promotions are all well and good but sometimes, they need a longevity about them that retains your brand’s position in front of your customers. And this means thinking long term. Why not combine online and offline marketing with a ‘to be continued’ campaign? In other words, create a story that is endorsed via offline marketing, encouraging people to log on or follow you on Twitter etc., to see what happens next.

Listen to online messages for offline success

What are your customers telling you? It is a commonly asked question in marketing terms and more often than not, we don’t know how to answer this question because we don’t know where our customers are at. Online social media channels are perfect for listening to what your consumers are saying, and thus you can use this for your offline campaigns. Combining offline and online marketing is about connecting the dots and giving your customers cohesive experience.

Trial offline marketing ideas online

Customers love it when their favourite brand engages with them. It creates a sense of connectivity that your customers value, and you should too. With an enthusiastic army of followers online, why not ask them what they think of your next offline campaign? For example, give them a choice of three graphics and conduct a poll of which one is the most liked etc. and then when your offline campaign is active, bring this to their attention online too.

Encourage user-generated content with your offline promotions

The skill and art of the selfie are showing no signs of fading anytime soon. Big brands have already tapped into this and harness the power of combined online and offline marketing by getting their online followers to share snaps with their offline promotional stuff, from posters to mascots. Also known as buzz marketing, it can be the offline marketing campaign that can go viral…

Use trackable tools such as QR codes

It is important to understand where your customers are coming from, and that means understanding what offline and/or online marketing tools they are seeing and using. At Colour Graphics, we think that banner printing is a great way to connect with an audience, but you need to understand just how effective this tool is. So why not use a unique code, such as a QR code or specific URL that allows you to track where your customers are coming from? It can be as specific and detailed as you need or want it to be, or you may decide to assign one code to a specific advertising campaign. Our team can help – why not give us a call about trackable marketing campaigns?

Don’t forget your business card

The business card may be a small slip of board with your name and logo on it, but it too could be so much more powerful – and that means making sure that it, along with any other offline marketing tool, contain at least one reference to your online presence. It could be ‘connect on Twitter and/or Instagram etc’ or ‘here’s my website – take a look!’, but the point is a pointer to your online channels should be there.


Neither one is better than the other. Both yield amazing results if you get it right but there is no denying that two heads are better than one which is why the most successful businesses combine offline and online marketing. Isn’t it time you did?

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