Regardless of how big or dominating your business is in a sector of the market, the exhibition hall or conference place is a great place for any business to be ‘seen’. Any business needs to maintain a visual presence that is both impressive and enticing.

Thus, with so much value riding on exhibition stands, it is no wonder that so much time, effort and money is poured into making them worthy of people’s attention.

Unfortunately, some people think this means throwing gimmicks at their exhibition stand but, choosing the right exhibition, the right look and so on need not be difficult. Before you go on out and spend hundreds of pounds of your marketing budget on a stand, make sure you are getting the right one.


     I.        Modular stands

If you have booked your business into one or more exhibition or conference halls in a given year – and plan on doing the same over and over again – then this is the right option for you.

Modular exhibition stands are built with flexibility, ease of transport and reoccurring use in mind. In other words, they will be used time and time again in different places and venues.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be customised too to fit with what you want. For example, you may have TV screen, interactive screens or other pieces of technology and you will need spaces in the exhibition stand to possibly accommodate these screens etc.

You will also want something creating that is attractive, of high quality both in design and in the product itself. In most cases, these modular exhibition stands can also have parts replaced if they are damaged or need updating as they are made for this specific purpose.

There are options to rent generic stands of this kind, great if you are wanting to use it only a handful of times and cannot justify buying your own. In the long run, however, investing in a modular exhibition stand is perfect for many companies, no matter what their size.

    II.        Custom stands

If money is no object, you can of course, create a custom stand for that particular show or exhibition.

Many larger companies and corporations do this when they have a specific show that they attend (they may only attend one large, all-out exhibition per year) or may do this to launch a specific product that is important to their business.

They tend to be built for single use, tailored to specific needs and the brief that the company has for the whole of the exhibition space. Think eye-popping razzle dazzle where the design team have had very few barriers or boundaries to work within, effective able to do what they want, with as much pizzazz as they want too.

Some custom exhibition stands come in set formats and you place you design over this, or you can spend thousands on having a truly customised built and designed stand.

   III.        Portable stands

Smaller businesses, sole traders and start-ups all welcome the opportunities that exhibitions can bring their way.

That said, spending hundreds of pounds is not a possibility in many cases thus the portable exhibition stand is the perfect option. They are cost-effective solutions that look professional and are as effective as all the other options.

There are roller banner stands, exhibition stands and in some cases, inflatable stands can also be a great way of attracting people to their presence at the exhibition too.

Portable stands tend to be bijou, compact and relatively lightweight, making them perfect for storing, transporting and building at an exhibition. They are also fully customisable thus, you can create and design a fabulous display that highlights your logo, company ethos, products and so on to the passing populace.

Can you choose just one or a combination?

When it comes to creating an exhibition stand, you need to think backdrop. This is the visual impact that people will notice. You want it to garner attention so that you can engage with potential customers.

All too often, people think that they have to choose one or the other but, when it comes to creating a unique exhibition stand, taking time to really think about what you want it to do and say to your customers can pay dividends.

And so no, you do not have to stick with just this one or that. However, take care that you don’t clutter your space is so much visual information that the eyeballs are assaulted with colour, text and information. When this happens, it is too confusing for the eye and the brain to work out. You need points of focus for the eye, thus bear that in mind when not only designing your booth but choosing the right elements.

Once you’ve built your stand and the exhibition doors open, the real hard work starts…