Sometimes you need something different when it comes to business materials.

But this ‘something different’ can instantly make it out of your league in terms of the budget you have available to spend.

There is, however, a possibility of introducing something different without bankrupting your business and that is wood printing. And it’s growing in popularity.

But what about the environment? Surely we shouldn’t be chopping down trees to print on them!

The answer is that in most cases, printing companies are not doing this. Some of the printing blocks or shapes on offer are made by compressing shavings and waste from other processes to make a ply-wood type material. This can be easily cut and printed on using the latest printing techniques.

However, we appreciate that customers have concerns about the potential impact on the environment and so very much like buying wooden furniture, always look for a printing company that uses wood certified by FSC or PEFC, two bodies that certify the wood used is from a sustainable and managed source.

What can you use wood printed items for?

There are many times that you need unique and memorable marketing and promotional tools, two factors that can be provided by wood printed items. We love these ideas;

Coasters – simple but surprisingly effective. When it comes to giving people a keepsake by which they can remember your business, being memorable is one thing but giving them something that is functional too is a sure-fire winner.

Pretty too, your logo can be printed on the top layer of thin piece of plywood and in fairly large quantities too. You can then distribute as you see fit knowing that whenever your prospective customer uses it, you are in their eye line – perfectly placed for when they need to contact you.

Business cards – the business card is far from being dead, although living in the digital world that we do, you would assume that the business card is somewhat old fashioned and superfluous to requirements.

This is not the case and so stand out in a sea of competitors – and be memorable – you need a business card that ticks all the boxes. We love the idea of printed, thin wooden business cards.

Think carefully about what information needs to be on there, along with any logos and icons as although the business card can be sizeable, you don’t have that much room to play with.

We always suggest sticking to the traditional business card size or, if you are determined to be big and bold, that you create something really special.

A means of display high resolution photos – product photographs and descriptions may be something that you frequently use. From having photographs of examples of your work in the reception area of your business premises, to lined up on your exhibition stand, there are all kinds of ways to exhibit your material.

But photographs, not matter how professional they look and how well they are printed, can look lost in a sea of other materials and paraphernalia.

As well as looking different, wooden printed items like these are also light and easily moveable. So just like you quickly pack away all your other kit, you would just wrap your wood block prints in a protective layer and away you go.

Business and pleasure – the great thing about wood printing is that as well as using it for promotional material with your business, you can also have some of your favourite family photos printed for home too.

The print quality is simply fantastic, and with the latest printing techniques, the ink is not subject to bleeding on the blood nor being bleached by the sun.

Printing options - see the grain of the wood or not?

Many people enjoy the rustic look of wooden block printing, something that suits all kinds of different interiors from the home to the office. You can opt for a vibrant finish – sometimes known as white finish – in which the photo on the wood is opaque, meaning you cannot see the wood grains in the photo.

But other like this light-touch print, with the pattern of the wood adding something to the photo.

No two blocks the same

It is important to note however, that wood is a natural, living product and in this day and age where we have become accustomed to everything being the same and uniform, it makes a refreshing difference to know that no two blocks will have the same grain pattern in it.

Take a fresh look at wood printing and what it can offer your business.