1. Don't make these mistakes when creating your logo

    We live in a world where customers and clients travel at a million miles an hour.  It is possible that they only give you a glance before skimming on.  Therefore, that glance needs to linger[...]

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  2. Simple Tips and Tricks To Make Sure Your Customers Don't Forget About You

    When you complete an order with a customer, you begin work on another project. After all, you want to grow your customer base with new contracts. But repeat business is[...]

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  3. Leaflets, banner stands, business cards – what does your business actually need?

    When setting up a strategy to promote your company, there is
    a host of marketing materials you can choose from.  Whether its banners, business cards or [...]

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  4. Why Is It So Important Businesses Nail Their Branding


    Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you're not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.” – Geoffrey Zakarian


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  5. 6 Steps to Naming Your Business Successfully

    Having an exceptional name for your business will make every business card and banner 10X more powerful!  Wouldn’t you be more likely to[...]

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  6. 7 Steps to Creating the Right Branding for Your Company


    Branding is not just your logo. It encompasses all the visual elements you use within your company such as your website,  your marketing materials, adverts you place and any other tools[...]

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