5 Benefits of Fabric Printing Your Marketing Material

5 Benefits of Fabric Printing Your Marketing Material

You want your business to stand out for all the right reasons. And with fabric printing, you could make the statement that sets your business apart from all others. But what are the benefits of fabric printing?

The Pros of Fabric Printing

Marketing, online and offline, is about connecting with people who become your customers. Not only do they want your products, they engage with your brand. Your brand voice is all about how it feels to buy from you and what makes the experience stand out.

There are many offline marketing and promotional outlets that you can use. From a strategic poster campaign to leaflets through letterboxes, connecting with people is essential for growing your business.

But why opt for fabric printing? Is it any different to that offered by ordinary substrate materials? Is it here to stay or merely a passing fad?

1) A premium product

First on our list of the top five benefits of fabric printing (but we’ll squeeze others in too!) is that as products go, it is a premium product. It looks and feels ‘different’ to other materials. The colour reproduction is such that is can really bring an image and text alive.

The benefits of advertising with such a high-end product have a knock-on effect on your business. If customers see the quality in how you advertise, market and dress your business, doesn’t that surely translate to everything about your business, from quality products to excellent customer service? It seems that it does.

2) Reusable

In recent years, we have all become more aware of the materials we use and what happens to them when we no longer need them. Plastic was and still is one of the most important inventions in modern history and yet, its lack of degradability means that we are now faced with one of the biggest problems in history – it’s disposal.

Fabric, natural or synthetic, is slightly easier to recycle when the time comes. But it is a material that is robust and thus fabric printed banners are a tool that can be used again and again.

And again.

There are also some applications of printed fabrics that are washable, and did you know that many of the fabric banners etc. come specially treated so that they are not flammable?

3) Lightweight

Displays in and around your business are all well and good but there are times when banner, roller banners and similar pieces of equipment can be too big, too cumbersome to the eye and too heavy.

Fabric printing produces advertising and marketing banners that are lightweight, without compromising their usability and their durability.

4) Texture and finish

Fabrics come in a range of textures and finishes, two factors that add depth and enhance the final look of your image and/or text. The idea behind any marketing tool is to create something that is visually appealing, no matter what you are advertising whether it is a fruit drink or bespoke fashion. A change in texture can produce a finish that enhances your message, reinforcing that there is a quality to your products, service or brand. And which business wouldn’t want that?

5) Compact

And finally, in our list of top five benefits of fabric printing will be one welcomed by those who regularly use banners, posters and the like on the exhibition and trade show circuit. Packing away traditional banners can be a mix of good luck, skill and strategy.

But not with fabric printed banners. They are easy to work with – to build and to pull down again – they fold neatly away and less likely to be damaged or tear in transit. Frankly, anything that is easier to work with is a plus in our eyes.

And so there we have it, everything you need to know about fabric printing and what it can bring your business. But there is one more thing: as well as a stupendously beautiful finish and classic look, there is also the fact that printing on fabric is easy and quick, an important factor in a world where we want everything yesterday.

Fabric printing may cost a little more to invest in than other materials of a similar size BUT, it is a recyclable material that lasts longer. A cost-effective addition that sends out a clear signal to potential consumers: YOU are the brand to buy from.

What do you think about fabric printing? Is it something that you have or would consider?

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