Colour Graphics prints banners, roller banners, posters and more for all kinds of companies, for all kinds of events and to meet many different marketing objectives. There are many different options, with some having more of an impact in some situations than others.

Outdoor events present some significant factors that need to be taken into account. Here we look wat what some of these are, along with solutions.


The difference between indoor and outdoor events

Both events can be busying, with thronging crowds and many competing stands, competitors and businesses. There can also be background hub-bub and noise thus, standing out in any busy environment, whether it is inside or out can be a marketing challenging.

But there is one factor – a combination of two important elements - that makes the outdoor event a little different and must be considered, in our opinion, when it comes to designing your banner.

Light and its impact on how we see or notice colour.

The colour outside is far different than the light inside at an event. An indoor space may have some natural light from windows but the main source of light tends to be ambient or electrical. There are different coloured bulbs, we grant you, but these tend to have a luminescence that is pinpointed and relatively pure.

Outdoors in natural light, you have the golden rays of the sun, filtered through the grey and white clouds. The blue sky can sometimes be azure blue but then it can also be a weaker, lighter blue. And then you have the immediate vicinity which may be thick with green foliage, or not depending on the time of year.

Of course, you cannot hope to deal with all these competing colours of nature and so, when preparing your banners for outside, the ones that work best are those that are designed with non-nature colour.

In other words, the bright fluorescent yellows and reds and blues, staying away from greens, khakis, browns and so on.

Top Tip 1 – use bright colours not always found in abundance in nature. Greens, khaki, black, brown and so on will see you blend into the surroundings thus your banner stands will lose visual impact.


Crowded spaces

Outdoor events can be incredibly popular. People like to linger, take their time wandering around and thus they may be there some hours taking in the sights and sounds of the event.

With some events, they will be provided with a map so that they can negotiate their way around, such as the outdoor Eisteddfod events held in Wales on a regular basis. Or, like huge car boot sales, people are left to wander as they please.

At eye level, events are crowded. There are many competing colours and posters, freebies and booths, stands and stalls. And so it pays to add height to any banner stand or flag. There is nothing quite like having a flag fluttering in the breeze to attract attention.

Your booth or stand could also become a landmark, a point of reference for people trying to find their way around the outdoor event. This can only be a good thing as they will eventually pass by your way and may take more notice of the stand that has been so very noticeable to them!

Better still, if your budget is tight for your marketing tools, then these flags are perfect. With highly visible print and excellent graphic reproduction quality, these flags are perfect.

Top Tip 2 – use banner or flags that are above the eye line to attract attention from potential customers or fans. With superior graphics and well-chosen text, you will be very attractive to passing punters.

The material has it

The outdoor event is open to the elements. There is nothing sadder than seeing a ripped flag, limp and useless, tattered from the wind and ravaged by rain.

Chances are the material was all wrong for the outdoors and thus, at the first sign or drizzle or a breeze, the banner or flag took on a limp appearance.

Materials developed specifically for the outdoors is far more robust and able to withstand the weather. The graphics also withstand the bleaching sun and erosive rain better too, and don’t fade too quickly when the sun shines or the rain falls.

They may be slightly more expensive but not buying the right product with the right material is a false economy.

Top Tip 3 – choose the right material suitable for the outdoors.


Choosing the right marketing tool can have an amazing impact on attracting people to you at an outdoor event. How else do you attract customers?