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James Birch is the sales and marketing manager at Colour Graphics. He is an expert in quality printed marketing materials

Food Menu

Our Top Tips for Creative Menu Designs

Design Ideas, Graphic Design, Small Format Printing, Tips

Ever wondered what makes you attracted to certain menus? The food you choose from a menu is influenced by a lot more than just the food itself! Let us look at how creating and designing a menu can help your business to thrive.     Different Types of Menus You may be used to seeing […]


Essential Higher Education Marketing Strategies

Business Tips, Marketing & Advertising

Thanks to modern life, the world of higher education marketing is moulding into a completely new spectrum. Here we discuss the essential higher education marketing strategies that are boosting enrolment numbers for colleges and universities across the country.   What is Higher Education Marketing? Put simply, higher education marketing is exactly how it presents itself […]

home business branding

Developing an identity for your home-based business

Branding, Business Tips, Uncategorised

As you get started with your small home-based business, you might think that you can afford to put branding off for the future. After all, you should just get down to work, right? Wrong. Failing to develop a strong brand identity is a common mistake, and it will set you back on your path to […]

customer retention

Customer retention – how to create long-lasting relationships with your customers

Marketing & Advertising, Small Business, Tips

You’ve worked hard, gotten past the objections, and you’ve landed a customer. Whether they are your first customer or your ten-thousandth, what’s the most critical factor now? Keeping them happy and retaining them for as long as possible. If they walk away after one transaction, you have to begin the arduous process of finding a […]


How to do Large Format Print

Banners, Design Ideas, Flexible Media Printing

Go big or go home right? If you’re using a big canvas in a big space to communicate your message you’d think that it’s all about making a big statement. But this isn’t always the case. There are times when it’s absolutely the right thing to go large in your face with your design but […]


What are Backlit Posters?

Branding, Design Ideas

You know when you’re walking into a cinema screen and you pass all the posters for the upcoming superhero extravaganza, Disney adventure or mind warping horror? Those are backlit posters. As are the ads at bus stops and in the freestanding carousels in most town centres. They are a great way to get a little […]


How to do banner printing

Banners, Printing

Banner printing is fabulous. You see it everywhere – advertising brunch with bottomless prosecco, paintball and even wedding fairs.  These are those great big eye catching banners that you see tootling through town, attending a big expo or down the local cafe.  If you’re in the business for a banner, you need to know the […]


What is Correx?


Correx is a lightweight, weatherproof corrugated polypropylene board. Just like Foamex, it is hard wearing, affordable and ideal for indoor or outdoor events. Correx differs from Foamex in that it is: Very tough Impact resistant Rigid This makes it ideal for environments where durability is a consideration.  A common application is real estate agent sale […]


Why Use PVC Banners?

Banners, Branding, Design Ideas

PVC – or polyvinyl chloride – is pretty versatile stuff. It can be used for a tremendous range of consumer and industrial items. Window frames, shower curtains, indoor plumbing to raincoats. It’s lightweight ability to be manufactured rigidly in a flexible, plasticised form means that it’s seriously versatile stuff.  First prepared in Germany in 1872 […]

shopping centre

How will COVID-19 change retail?

Business Tips, Small Business

There is no denying that the Covid-19 global pandemic has changed all facets of life for people across the globe. Healthcare, education, and government have all had to react quickly and in unique ways to protect and serve the public. The retail sector has faced myriad challenges and is now striving to reimagine and redesign […]


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