The roller banner is an important, affordable and popular marketing and advertising medium. Colour Graphics roller banners can create an amazing display that can get your message across. They are a useful addition for any business, as they can be used anywhere – from the outlet store to the high street.

But, for those who have not designed or ordered a roller banner previously, they will be questioned regarding various aspects of the product, as well as the printing process. Gaining the right information is about asking all the right questions.

Here, we have collated five of the most commonly asked questions;

1.   What size roller banners do you print?

There are times when you only need one, but there may be times when you need more than one roller banner. However, the budget may already be under pressure and thus, you need to know what you are effectively getting more for you money.

It is important to know the size of the banner as this will influence the scale and proportion of your design too.

2.   What material is the banner printed on?

Different printing companies will have different quality of materials that they will use to print on. It is important to check the quality of the item too. For example, mounting banners can present an issue, especially those that you are not using as part of a roller banner within its frame.

It makes sense to get the best quality that you can afford, and the smallest detail can have the biggest impact on how long a banner will last. For example, the inclusion of eyelets that include a ring will mean that the banner will not rip or tear when it is mounted on a wall, etc.

3.   Can the banner be used outdoors?

Some customers order banners for use outside which is not an issue, except that to save money they order the banners that are printed on thinner but high quality material, assuming that they will be able to withstand the weather.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and so it is important to buy the right banner for the right situation. Many of the outdoor banners will be printed on materials that mean they do not fade in the sun and so on.

4.   Do you offer a design service?

There are times when you need professional help in all kinds of ways.

With some basic knowledge and a lot of online research, you can get to grip with some of the basics of graphic design. However, it can take a lot of time to create a design that is just perfect – or is it?

There are times when you design your own that you can look at it, and think that there is something missing. There are some clever hints and tips that can make a big difference in the design.

If your budget can stretch to it, it pays dividends to hire a designer. However, finding the right person or agency can be difficult. There are many printing agencies that offer in-house design services that can make all the difference to your finished banner design.

Some printers will offer a step-down design service; in other words, you create the bulk of your design, and the in-house design will simply tidy up the design for you. This is a great way of getting expert help and advice from a skilled designer, without paying for the whole design process.

5.   Do you offer a proofreading service?

Creating your roller banner display yourself can be a tough gig and what can make it more difficult is when the fruits of your labour have a glaring mistake in the middle of it.

Some people assume that the printer will pick up on small mistakes and errors but it is important to note that in most cases, when you attach your design and ask a printer to print it, they will simply do what you ask.

However, printers realise that there are times when a proofreading service could be of benefit, and so it can be a much-needed service to proofread the content.

Designing your roller banner is not as hard as you think!

Roller banners are a great addition to your marketing tools, and the right design can also make for an effective display of essential information.

Once you know the size of the banner, the quality of the material and the services on offer, you can start to create a perfect roller!