We are literally surrounded by advertising. It's prevalent in all the media we consume from newspapers and other publications to television and social media. It’s even plastered all over the sides of buildings and billboards all over the cities and countryside.

Most people are so used to seeing advertising implements on a daily basis and we’ve become so used to them that we barely notice them anymore. One way to get noticed is to create the perfect advertising slogan. When you think about some of the most famous advertising slogans, you quickly realize that even if you don’t use those products or services, you remember the slogans.

Any business, large or small can benefit from the right advertising and that should also include a slogan. It’s never too late to start finding the right words for your memorable slogan.



What Is A Slogan?

Pretty much everyone knows what a slogan is but may have trouble defining it. Put simply, a slogan is a short phrase that characterizes a business. These phrases are catchy and easily remembered which is exactly what an advertising slogan should be[i].


Why Slogans Sell

One of the best aspects of a good slogan is that it is short and sweet. It’s a catchy phrase that has been created to be memorable and instantly identifies the product it is attached to. In many ways, a good slogan is like a poem or a song and once you get the slogan in your head. Much like those catchy jingles with television commercials, it’s almost impossible to forget[ii].

The thing you really want to focus on with an advertising slogan is this is a business’s personal brand. It is that one short phrase that instantly evokes the image of a company in the eyes of the consumers. Advertising campaigns are a pivotal aspect and absolutely necessary for a business to succeed. There are, however, two more elements that are imperative to the brand. A winning logo that is instantly recognised and a compelling slogan. Once these aspects of marketing are ingrained into the subliminal minds of consumers, they become something very familiar and create a bond with loyal customers. Once the slogan establishes a relationship with consumers, they are more likely to stick with the brand.


The Use Of Colour In Advertising Slogans

Have you ever wondered why we conjure images of certain brand logos when we hear the slogans? Believe it or not, there is a reason why some logos are instantly recognisable is due a strategic use of colour. We humans are triggered by things in our environment by use of our senses. Sight is usually the first of our senses that we react with and our eyes are naturally drawn to some colours more than others. For example, purple has long been considered a colour reserved for royalty so it is often used in advertising for luxury items. Red, on the other hand, represents love, passion and desire. This is a little perplexing as red very frequently appears in the logos for brands best known for food.

Creating the right logo with the right colours that give the brand its identification is essential for developing an image for the brand. When the slogan appears together with the logo you have a winning combination of sight and sound. Once you are happy with these elements, the next step is to work with a graphic printing design specialist and incorporate your campaign, complete with the slogan, into advertising materials and merchandise and get your message across to the world at large.


How To Make Your Own Winning Slogan

If you’ve been brainstorming to come up with your own winning slogan, you may want to slow down a little. The best slogans are timeless and many companies will find one that works and stick with it for years, possibly decades. If you want to create a slogan that will stand the test of time and be a winner in the world of marketing, there are a few tips that will help you come up with yours.

  • Focus On What Makes You Unique – Slogans are all around us and some are more memorable than others. The first thing you need to determine before you start thinking of a slogan is to do a little soul searching to discover that one special aspect of your products or services that is truly valuable and unique. It maybe you have created a gourmet selections of luxury chocolates with rare flavour combinations or you’re a personal shopper with connections to exclusive vendors. Take this unique aspect and run with it.
  • Aim For Longevity – Trends come and go but a good slogan is timeless. Think of some of all those world-famous advertising slogans. When did you first hear the slogan? In many cases, you first heard a famous winning slogan many years ago and you still remember it.
  • Keep It Short And Sweet - The jingle can be long and your sales pitch can be too. Your slogan, on the other hand, must be short and catchy. The best slogans are just a quick mouthful of words. Five or six words is good, but keep it under ten words. The idea is that this short phrase captures the essence of your brand in a quirky, even fun way. It’s okay to rhyme but it’s not necessary as long as you find the right words.
  • Don’t Overthink Things – The best slogans should not be complicated so try not to overthink the process of coming up with your winning slogan. Write down the first snappy slogan that comes to mind and see if you like it. It may be silly, but mull on it for a while and see if it might work.
  • Know Your Demographic – Who are your main customers? Are they local, national or international? Depending on how far you are trying to reach out, you need to consider how your slogan will sound once you expand it to outside your local region. If you plan on being an international competitor, think of how your slogan will translate in other languages. You also need to decide other demographic factors such as age, professions, lifestyles, etc.
  • Take Your Slogan For A Test Drive – Once you’ve come up with your winning slogan, try it out. You can test it on your family, friends or work colleagues and see how they like it. You can also try it out on social media or put together a survey group to see how well your new slogan is received.
  • Change Can Be Confusing – It’s important to be adaptable in business and change is often inevitable. You can change many things in business, including your marketing strategy. Don’t change your slogan unless you absolutely must. Frequently changing your slogan can be confusing for you customers and this could lead to them losing touch with your brand.


The Best Advertising Slogans Of All Time

Some of the most memorable advertising slogans[iii] have been with us for many, many years. However, that isn’t to say that some of the best-known brands in the world haven’t tried many different slogans over the years. Here are some of the best slogans ever from products that have become iconic.

  • Coca-Cola[iv] – If one brand is known in every corner of planet Earth it has to be Coca Cola. This beverage is iconic and have been around for well over a century. Interestingly, Coca Cola has changed its slogan quite a lot over its lifetime with the latest one being, “Taste The Feeling”.
  • American Express - The world’s most famous credit card and is accepted all over the world. Hence the catchy slogan of, “Don’t Leave Home Without It”.
  • L’Oréal – A favourite cosmetics company with products loved by women worldwide. L’Oréal is about embracing femininity and believing in one’s worth. This makes their slogan, “Because You’re Worth It” very fitting.
  • Nike “Just Do It”. Everyone knows this high-quality sporting label and the slogan is also world famous.
  • McDonald’s – There is most likely not a major city in the world that doesn’t have a McDonald’s and it is no doubt that this chain of family restaurants is cashing in with their unforgettable slogan, “I’m Loving It”.
  • M&M’s – Chocolate lovers were grabbing bags of this tasty treat wanting to enjoy their chocolate without ending up a sticky mess. The M&M’s slogan, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” made this chocolate appealing to messy eaters.


You don’t need any special skills or even ask an expert how to make a slogan. You only need a little imagination and unleash your creativity. While some advertising slogans may be the result of extensive research and much discussion, others came about quite spontaneously with an idea that appeared to have come out of nowhere. It doesn’t really matter where you draw your inspiration from as long as you are happy with your slogan and it reaches your target audience.



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